Dear You: Xavi is Klopp, not Lampard

Dear You

Dear You

Pep Guardiola has said it. In case you didn’t hear or pretend to not hear. I wjll replay it here:

“The pressure on you as a Barcelona manager is more intense and you can’t compare it to anywhere else.”

They thought he was going to say the English League has more pressure. He sympathizes with Xavi and understands. He knows. In the EPL, you can be Klopp and only have won the league once in 8 years and still be celebrated as a hero.

Whereas it takes you two years to win the Spanish La Liga and you are bashed as well as pressured the next season. In Barcelona a draw is a loss. In Liverpool, in Manchester City a draw is 1 point.

That’s the reality. We at Barcelona are treating Xavi like he is Lampard. Meanwhile he is Klopp.

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PS: Top Club Mentality.

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