Dear You

Dear You

Alibaba said a lot of things. The one we pick and run away with is the relationship matter. It’s okay. Nothing wrong with that.

We love relationship gossip. We love marriage and love stories. Either about a divorce gossip or something else around man and woman.

Alibaba is always right.

Have you ever seen Alibaba in the wrong before?

I don’t know how he does it. But Alibaba is a man of wisdom. He speaks on issues people debate about. Yet when he says the same thing. We are all in agreement.

We agree because he packs in all the wisdom and logic. He knows what he is saying. He reads wide. He has an open mind. And quote very intelligent.

In his latest interview going viral on The Honest Bunch platform. He spoke lots of wisdom.

He dares to approve the relationship question “what do you bring to the table”. He stamped the question into pop culture. Hence forth, we can now ask in peace what our spouses are bringing to the table without fear of being misunderstood.

He also threw some light on career, pricing and how to manage career.

Your Alibaba spotter



PS: Alibaba once granted me an interview. This is as far back as 2011. So I am not any surprise that he is a man of wisdom and knowledge.

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