Ediale for Governor, A Bid for Transformation and a Handsome Leadership in Edo State

Dear You

Dear Edo State.

Vote me as the next Governor of Edo State. It’s our turn. Edo Central.As a man from Ekpoma, Esan West Local Government.I think I am the right man for the job. Let me change the state.

And make it the center of attraction and attention. If you vote for me.All I need is 8 years. 8 years to develop the state. Well, I know the problem.One big problem.I am not ugly. Now thats an issue.

I know it’s a criterion for being Governor in Edo state. I am too handsome. Can we break that jinx? And have Edo State’s first handsome Governor?

Your Handsome Ediale spotter



PS: Now political parties can start the competition of poaching me. APC, PDP, Labour come and get your man.

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