You Are In A Business That Needs Funding And You Don’t Know The Jagaban Of Business Grant? Dey Play

Dear You

BOOT #Day225

Dear You

Stella Adebayo is our Business Owner Of Today (BOOT). Stella and her company, BizGrant, will help you get grants for your business.

We have published her a couple of times in the dailies. Just read the Sun News story in the comments to understand better.

“The babe sabi marketing too.”

You can learn one or two from this amazing businesswoman.

Your Bizgrant Boss spotter


PS: “The woman get levels oooo. She is my person.”

Business Owner Of Today (BOOT), a daily series spotlighting authentic, committed business owners creating influence within their niche and across the world. Brought to you by Edale + Sabistation and interviews publication on Naira Day and Business Vanguard conducted by our intern Maryann Gerald

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