Lessons Learned from Nigerian Elections: Taking Your Business Seriously for Prosperity

Dear You

Dear You.

One of my clients and friends since 2008 had this to say, despite wholeheartedly wanting Peter Obi to win, “I will eat and prosper no matter who is declared winner eventually”.

And that’s because he has a business he trusts. Over the weekend, and until today, after the Presidential result is announced, Nigerians did not want to do buying and selling.

They treated you like Jesus treated those selling in the church. They had a vested interest in this particular election. So if you brought your goods and wears out that period they wondered what space you came from.

And although those with physical shops went about their businesses from Monday. Those online had to wait until today. As for us at Sabistation we also perform journalistic services. That department had to keep running.

But people who wanted PR stories had to wait beyond the usual 24 hours we give before their stories hit the media they paid for. But customers don’t like to wait. Especially when they are business people.

We are happy we were able to manage the situation. And now we are fully open for business. Work has started and there is money to be made in this country.

Again, we have learned one or two things from the elections. Going viral and internet popularity all count for something. It does truly converts. Don’t play this period.

Tinubu promised to remove the Subsidy and also planned to increase taxes. I believe things will get tougher. You want to be like my friend in paragraph one, that said “I will eat and prosper no matter who is declared winner eventually”.

To eat and prosper take your business seriously. Put in that energy with which you sold your political preference. It should yield you profits and growth.

Your Prosperity spotter


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