The Importance of Money and Structure in Politics: Reflections on the Recent Nigerian Elections

Dear You

Dear You.

Without good money, Nelly Agbogu can’t host a successful Trade Fair. The logistics that go into it are not child’s play.

Without money and some form of structure, Emeka Nobis and Ibe Nnamdi wouldn’t possibly be able to execute the Dominate In Business tour.

So unless you want us to continue riding on emotions and not learn from our mistakes. We can tell ourselves the lie that politics is not about money and structure.

As an obedient, I rode along with the wave. Yes, we mocked the structure. And smashed the head of the word that became a tool in the hand of the two other wicked parties.

But make no mistake in thinking we can truly build something concrete without money and structure. For the logistics of things alone. How many political parties could afford to properly send well-settled party agents to the available polling units?

Nigeria has a total of 176,846 polling units. How many Political parties can have their rep in each of those spots? How many can make it at least 3 representatives there? Do the maths. Cost the logistics. And this is just a fracture of many other things you need money and structure for.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

We ridiculed APC and PDP’s constant use of the word, structure.

We also had a good showing. We made sure, seven serving Governors lost out in their bid to go to the Senate. We did fantastic without structure and not spending shishi.

We defeated APC in Lagos because the logistics there could be managed. But what happens in a village or area you have no representation?

Certainly. Going forward we can do better. But I guess we may not. And that’s the problem. We may go back to the status quo. And wait until the eleventh hour. Or we can solidify the result we have created.

Will those LP that won their senatorial and house of rep seats serve as Labour Party politicians? Or will they cross-carpet before the next call?

These are the issues. Politics like other businesses is not a matter that can be handled with kid gloves and expected to blossom by miracle. Work is necessary. Are we ready to put in the work?

Your Work spotter


PS: Yes, I still believe in the mandate of Peter Obi.

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