Burna Boy’s Silence on Nigerian Elections Raises Concerns

Dear You

Dear You.

It’s not everybody that is in the space to cry about the situation Nigeria has found itself in. If you are a Grammy Award winner and followed that up with some gift from your state Governor.

You travel around the world. And the last time you attended a show in your country, you kicked the head of one of your fans in the audience. And insulted them for coming early enough and patiently waiting endlessly for you.

If you are that “Africa Giant”. You just may not really care about the elections. You will conjure many reasons in your head why it’s not your business. At least, you will do all these until someone calls you out.

At least you know there’s no award for this. Especially when you see that it’s not like Davido and Wizkid are talking about it. You’ll tell yourself, “I am Burna Boy, I don’t have to say shit about this election.”

Your Burna Boy spotter


PS: All was at peace until they started calling them out. Now Burna is in the talk race. He has warned INEC not to dare mess with the damn results. I hope they take the warning seriously. Otherwise, they should go and ask Mr 2kay, or the man that brought a babe to a club but won’t allow African Giant to grab some curve.

BS: Burna said he has no interest in the election. He doesn’t trust any of the candidates and that’s why he has been quiet. One fan engaged him that they look up to stars like him. He said they should look at someone else. The fan said, “but you sing about our struggles and suppose to be Africa Giant”. Burna said, “Okay, I will stop singing about Naija’s struggles”.


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