Dear Tems : You Stole Food But We Have Your Back

Dear News Maker

Dear Tems.

You spoke your truth not minding the consequences but focused on encouraging someone out there. And that’s what matters to you. So irrespective of what some people say. At times you are good just being you. Yes, it sounded really bad and shameful. Especially since you were being interviewed by some big platform. But I see the good thereof. I have no problem with it. On a lighter note, those babes we see in videos that use to steal everything in Party — food and all the table items.

They will be inspired. Although not every poor person, steals. And not every thief is poor. Some people just have issues — spiritual or covetousness.

This is what you said:

“I couldn’t take care of anybody. There were times when I was not just broke – I was broke and hopeless. I used to steal food. I used to go to my aunty’s house just so she could give me food to take home,

“I just felt like, What is the point of me existing right now? You have to remember those times. Because that person does not exist anymore. The decision I made was to not wallow in sadness. This person that can never be anything. I didn’t have any self-esteem. I didn’t think I was pretty. I didn’t even think of my voice as anything,

“I just thought, There are so many people that can sing, I’m not a model, I don’t dance, but whatever chance I have, I’ll take it. Even if I end up singing under a bridge somewhere, I’ll be the best under-the-bridge singer ever.”

However, could this be just a strategy to look simple? And gather sympathy? Like what those guys do in BBN. Comedians do it for content’s sake too. Were you doing this for the culture of simplicity?

You have some great endowment. Bodily. But you still didn’t feel pretty. Meanwhile, most men go to your shows to just wait for the moment you turn your back. God blessed you with an extra backside and singing voice. Temilade Openiyi, you are 27 years old. You are a success story now. So it’s possible you feel grateful enough to just encourage others that are still going through the things you went through.

You rose to prominence after that feature on Wizkid’s 2020 single, “Essence”, which reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 after the release of a remixed version with an additional feature from Justin Bieber, and that even earned you a Grammy Award nomination. The same year, you featured in Drake’s song, “Fountains”. You are up. But you decided to look down and remember the poverty days. Content? Reality? Facts?

What we know for a fact is how you are born to a Nigerian mother and a British-Nigerian father. How your family moved to the United Kingdom shortly after your birth. And then your parents divorced when you were just five. You relocated to Nigeria with your mother and brother. And lived in Ilupeju before moving to Lekki and then Ajah.

You attended Dowen College before proceeding to study Economics in Monash South Africa, South Africa for your tertiary education. At school, she was noticed by your music teacher and learned to play the piano. You practiced singing with your brother and often used his guitar accompaniment. So from this story.

We can see some struggle. But certainly not the worse stories out there. But you could have very much experienced life when your mum was by herself trying to survive. Life happens.

The good thing is your stealing stories are behind you. You stole food. That’s excusable. Our noblemen and women in this society steal money. They steal money without shame. And half of the population praises them for it. “My sister na food you tiff you no kee person”.

Your Blessed Body spotter



PS: You are beautiful. That voice alone is heavenly. Please you don’t even need to dance. We come to your show to watch you back us. Just show us your back and our money for your ticket is well spent. “You get back, you get voice, you get face. Normally you be wife material”. I have your back babe.

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