Dear omoleye sowore : “Are you the man behind the cap? “

Dear Nigerians, Ediale's Envelopes

Dear omoleye sowore

This pic looks like you. Are you the man behind the cap?

No it can’t be Sowore .He is too serious for this. However why are Nigerians shaming their leader? The man that met with Billion Bishops. Your Vice President come 2033. It’s unfair. But now we know why they don’t do suit and tie.

They just go on with their native wears jeje. NBA didn’t force anyone to appear corporate though. Peter Obi wasn’t in coat and tie. He just assumed a nice black native. We are learning. The lesson is to stick with what works for us .APC will shock you guys .Just wait for a surprising makeover of our 2033 VP. He will appear soon in a James Bond look. They pulled it with Buhari and Osinbajo. They can do this too

Your Touch Your Toes spotter Ediale


PS: I here by decree the name of that Coat and Tie dressing style to be called ‘Touch Your Toes’.

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