Dear You.

Ediale's Envelopes

You need people.

The most effective lessons in life are those derived from studying and reading people.

The bible is a big example of that.

I have written a bible of new characters.

It’s finally here.

Preorder at N5000.

Do it. Now.

You are dealing with a guy that sold an ebook for N14000.

Yes. I did that.

And any moment I can change the price of this book.

See the preorder link in the comments.

Thank you for supporting this brand.

Grab ya caapy noow !!!

Your Caapy Grabber spotter



PS: Yes. There are amazing Dear Boys and Dear Girls letters never published before in here. Over 200 celebs slash public figures also have letters on them that will educate the readers, inform and as usual entertain. This book is mix of food and medicine to the soul, mind and body. You get a refund back if you do not like it. Payment link in the comments please. Share | Share | Tell people why they should buy this book. Because most of you already know why. Yet I beat your expectations. Yes, I did.

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