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Advice: Solution Series

Shall we do this?

Pretty lengthy.

But let’s take it bit by bit.

We are talking about Osinbajo.

Here is what @DrOlufunmilayo thinks about him:

“A good man will resign.Even at the cost of his life.If he’s a good man. As Pastor, he watched people slaughtered. As Law Professor, he watched human rights strangled.”

I’m done keeping quiet,Yemi Osinbajo is not a good man.And as a Yoruba man he’s a total disgrace to us all. This is a man who joined an evil presidential ticket because he is a “Pastor”. This is a man who misled millions of Nigerians that human rights and rule of law will be respected as he’s a “SAN” and a “Law Professor”.

As Pastor, he’s a disgrace.As Law Professor, he’s a disgrace. They tell us his “hands are tied”.Pls how are your hands tied, Prof?”

Did you steal money?

Did you kill anyone?

Did you participate in anything illegal?

How exactly are your hands tied sir?

What happened to honour?

What happened to dignity?

What happened to having a good name?

“The only thing I know is a truly good man will not continue to stay in this evil godless heartless govt.”

A pastor will not sit by and watch thousands of Nigerians massacred on a yearly basis. A professor of Law worth his onions will not watch millions have their rights abused. This is an open letter to Yemi Osinbajo. Now is the time to pause, reflect and ask yourself sir:”

Is it all worth it?

Is the killings worth it?

Is the human right abuses worth it?

“Do you go to bed at night with a clean conscience that it is ok for you to be a part of this evils?”

@Drolufunmilayo also added that:

“When this dirty administration is over, VP Yemi Osinbajo will write a book trying to distance himself from the evils of this govt.”

That book will say his hands are tied and govt is complicated. But the aim is to mislead posterity to think he’s a good man.

Go write this down.

@MrOdanz also had something to say:

“Shame onto any Christian who sits in the house of God and listen to Osinbajo or Remi Tinubu preach to them from an altar”.

The fact that Osinbajo and Remi Tinubu continue to Pastor in RCCG is an abomination in itself to the name of God and everything Christianity represents.

@Mrfestusogun, also said,”Professor Yemi Osinbajo left Nigeria to attend the inauguration of Ugandan’s dictator General Museveni who has been in power since 1986. Same Osinbajo taught Constitutional Law and Democracy as a law teacher. I cannot be disappointed in him. He’s no different from Buhari.

So what do you think?

Your Hands Tied spotter



Ps: My take is this. Let the man be there. We always talk without thinking. We are always screaming without calculated strategy. Without plan. We cried that the Yoruba woman that was Finance Minister should leave the office because she didn’t do her one year NYSC. What happened? She was replaced by a cabal. Take away Osinbajo with your noise. Another cabal will take his slot. You will be on your own. We need more good men in power. We don’t need them resigning. Don’t we learn anything? “Politics is dirty” and bla bla bla is what has gotten us here. See the election posters, they are all criminals and garage boys. Because they are the “dirty” ones that can do the “dirty game”. So if politics is a dirty game. And the dirty people alone get to position for elective positions. Please tell me, how will this prayer “one day, e go better” come to pass? The Vice President is there by constitution to have tied hands. It is not Buhari that tied his hands. The constitution did. Now learn that. The next time you want to elect people in power. Do not do so base on the “enticing” running mate. That figure is a strategy to lure and deceive you. Do not forget. Even Pence had his hands tied. He only spoke when he knew the chips were down. Be wise.

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