Dear Singles.

Advice: Solution Series

It gets lonely most times. They try to say marriage is not truly some trophy.

But they do not know it all. Marriage can be a Champions League trophy. Especially the sweet ones. In short, only the sweet ones.

Don’t just marry the following idiots:

Selfish fool

Angry bastard

Promiscous monkey

Nagging generator

Wicked beast

Inconsiderate demon and

Senseless dick-head

These ones will turn your life to something else.

Marry for happiness.

Be the happy one.

The one that forgives. Don’t enter into that union with the mindset that you deserve better than the other half.

That’s how things get messy and shitty.

And always go for love.

If you don’t love him or her dont marry.

By that I mean we have made love a lot of things. To some, it is butterflies in the stomach. The kind that is triggered by lust for his or her beauty traits.

To others it is valve. They see so much valve in person and love him or her for that.

It’s kind of insane.

Growing up, as a kid.

I have always wondered.

How the heck do I love one woman and be her husband all through the existence of me.

I think it makes sense now.

Life is a decision.When you decide to love a girl or a boy. You should follow through that decision.

Follow who follow you. Love who loves you.

Don’t be like Jordan who loves Cynthia. But Cynthia is in love with Kris instead. Yet Kris thinks Ade is the best thing to happen to life. And Ade is already body, soul and spirit into Kris but will give everything to be with Jordan for eternity.


I subscribe to people wanting who wants them. Loving who loves you. And that’s where the work is.

Social media is suppose to make it easy.

Social + Media.


It’s mostly Fake + Media.

Fake doesn’t help relationship.

Because marriage is reality.

My friends say I am not in a hurry to marry because I have Andrea.

I understand them. But I don’t agree.

I want to get married. Tired of being single.

I want to walk my lady down the aisle soon.

So I can:

— Start having sex every day

— Start eating healthy every day

— Start a life partner reality show

— e.t.c

These are genuine reasons to get married so don’t come judging me o.

Okay I am exaggerating.

A little bit.

But hey!!!

Not all sex is sex.

Just resting the body on each other at times could generate magic for the soul and body.

And thereby ease tension.

You feel me?

Your Getting Married spotter



PS: I am thinking of proposing to Genevieve Nnsnji. Since Simi is taken and from what I observed I think second duduke is on its way.

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