Dear Boys,

Ediale's Envelopes

When I was a boy I never had a boy woo me.

I had girls woo me.

In your time.

These times.

Boys could woo you.

What do you do about that?

When it happens.

The world is changing.

Read up. Read up books and resource materials to catch up.

Once upon a time, boys learnt a lot from their fathers.

Nowadays, father’s only know the basics. Things have changed.


If you have a good father.

Listen to him.

Hear the basics and get the edge over those who don’t have that advantage.

If you dont have a father (same as having a bad father).

Don’t worry, read up.

Learn things.

So you are in the know.

Nobody wants to have 10 kids these days.

Unless you are one indisciplined musician.


That word I will use in this class a lot.

Control makes a man better than a boy.

Boys learn control to become men.

Control your temper.

Control your appetite.

Appetite for girls.

Appetite for food.

Appetite for sex.

Appetite for wild living.

Appetite for adventure.

The tendency to be a pervert is there.

We all have little perverts in us.

It can be tamed or managed.

We enjoy adventure. Even sexual adventures.

It is sweet.

But sweet things can lead us to regretable life long bitterness.

Not all sweet is bad.

All or most of all the sweet you will do with your legally married wife on the kitchen table or dinning room floor or staircase will be good sweet.

But the sweetness that exposes you to multiple sex partners can be very bad.

Never ever get to deny a pregnacy you planted in a girl.

It attracts a curse.

People joke with Karma. But the wise ones don’t.

Rather than be caught in that dark web.

Control that appetite.

It’s okay to have errection.

In fact it’s a problem not to have it.

But use the brain in the bigger head.

The one in your dick most of the times would be controlled by what your eyes see.

Decide early in life not to be part of the numbers that will settle for abortion.

And if you can.

Ensure one woman bears all your kids.

These are not easy decisions.

Or easy habits to maintain.

As you will learn.

Good things come with discipline, hard work and time plays a role.

Many have damaged their lives and that of others because they decided to be “sharp men”.

They call you a ‘sharp man’ because you become an expert in lies and being heartless.

Even some ladies will call you a fool when you decide to be a disciplined man.

Every lifestyle has it’s reward.

Your Reward spotter,


PS: It’s your life. Make it count.

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