Dear You, Laycon is not that difficult to meet

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First this is embarrassing.

And it’s stupid.

I am ashamed for her.

Clearly she’s got no shame.

The fact that she’s got that Edo state tongue could really make me cry.

But let’s look into the case regardless from some viewpoints.

Point One.

What would I do if I was in her case.

I’d praise God. And prepare to come back Lagos.

Laycon is famous.

He’s one of the easiest persons to see now.

You can book an appointment through his music label.

You can get him via MultiChoice. You can get him through the organisers of BBNaija.

These platforms have physical headoffices in Lagos.

You can even catch him via the sponsors.

The he has managed official social media handles and series of DMs could also work.

If I was her. I’d get him throught those means and channels without the world knowing that I am an idiot.

Another point of discussion is how true is the story. Could be a lie. Could also be just a way to trend. This is not the worst we’ve seen for trend sake.

She could be a gold digger.

She could be an innocent moron too.

If she’s real. Is this jackpot for her?


She said it was a one night stand.

So the film Locke (acted by Tom Hardy) has a story line like this.

A one night stand saw Mr Locke loss his family and job only because he decided to take responsibility. He had drove 2hours to go be with the woman on the night of the delivery. It was that night he broke the news on the road, via a phone call to the wife. Cutting the long story short. He lost his wife and 2 kids that night. He also chose to make that trip against his big time career changing project.

A fine film.

But this is reality. Laycon knew he was in a reality show. So all we saw was definitely what he wanted us to see. In other words, we can’t predict if he will accept his responsibility or not.

And this is a lesson of how things could go bad when we don’t use condoms when we need to. Or when we don’t abstain when we need to.

Laycon will share from that money.

N2.5m will hit his account every month for 12 months. Thats the amount he won. And that how they will pay him. Other part of the N85m will come aa kind.

So Lay could end up sending N500k every month to a situation that a condom of N100 would have solved.

You see the life.

Well we wish the truth of this tale well.

Your Condom spotter,


PS: One good idiot by me say she is probably a sex worker. And that atleast she’s packaged her story a lit bit to save Laycon the shame. I just slapped the idiot on behalf of good prostitutes out there reading this.

See video here:

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