Dear Nengi of Tears

Ediale's Envelopes

Nigerians love tears. If you cry they’d throw you sympathy. That’s what got Frodd to being among the last 5 standing.

I learnt Frodd also copied that from previous editions.
So any given opportunity, you guys try to fetch affections of sympathy from voters and Nigerians at large.

Well. Just as they say in Pidgin English, “eye wey dey cry dey see road”. Be also aware that we have brains that work. We think.

This tears of yours didn’t buy it this time. You, perhaps, cry, because you know what’s to come tomorrow. Maybe the body languages of the evicted persons that visited the house communicated that to you.

Don’t tell me you were actually crying because of Ozo ignored and avoided you for the 2 hours they visited.
Babe, stop it.

Stop that rough play.

That boy was crowned the king of mumus because of you. That boy lost his senses while he was in the house. He traded his brains for coconut. For nothing.
Love you didn’t show him.

And you always avoided his lips as if he had a mouth odour. And now you are crying? You rejected him until his sheepish love took him out. Dude chose you over money. Dude even on the last day of his eviction tried to communicate that love. You did Jackie Chan on him, just to dodge his lips. He was ridiculed across the social space.

You must understand that the boy grew up. An Ibo boy? His father probably say him immediately after the show and coughed him some strong proverbs. Brain resetting proverbs.

But then again. All could be just “shakara”.

He probably just wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. And pourrrr! You started raining tears.

“First to do e no dey pain”

“Second to do your eye go red”

(Yeah, I had a splendid childhood).

I just hope Simi is seeing all these. That’s how I will make her cry when I get the opportunity.

For dumping me for Adekunle Gold. Am I not the King of sley? Couldn’t I, a king, afford her several GOLD?

Your Cry Cry spotter,


PS: I heard you are claiming 22. Well, actually you can claim 15. It’s your age and life. At the MBGN Beauty Peargent you were 23 years old in 2017. Now in 2020 you are 22 years old. Is our Lord not a miracle working God?

Las’ Las’ the Football Age we all condemn could be eventually signed to law. We all lie about our ages. Nobody can tell me that Don Jazzy is younger to me. No way. Don Jazzy is certainly my egbon. But hey, lets be fooled by his football age. It’s the new trend. One idiot here is telling me a story behind this photo of you and Davido. The story is too much for ink. I’ll write it another day.

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