Dear Venice

Ediale's Envelopes

I am coming to visit.

I shall be coming with a girl. A young adult. Old enough to experience the romantic sceneries you have in abundance to offer.


I hear some man will also be coming with another man’s wife. The story is quite simple. Although it’s not an African thing. And I do not really think it is even any one’s thing.

In Italy, men will kill you if you have sex with their girlfriends. In the USA, men will shoot at you if you are caught in bed with their lover.

So it is in Spain and lets not even talk about Saudi Arabia.

So it’s a cultural thing. With every culture, comes rebels. So we have some people who won’t mind sharing their wives. And the possibility of having them more in western worlds doesn’t mean the African man is sick.

You will still see few Africans with such minds.

So back to the simple story.

Man will commit to a challenge. The challenge is about married women and the will to travel with such man (who is single) to Venice.

The question is not simple.

Will you as a married man be comfortable with such a decision? And then there’s one word attached in the story — boredom.

Marriages that are experiencing boredom are the target of this offer. So you are married and your husband hasn’t been able to bring you the romantic fantasies?

Or the financial status just can’t make the marriage glamorous?

This is the opportunity.

Now there’s also another sweet side to this whole thing for the husband of the lucky woman who wins this challenge — good amount of money.

When the single man comes back with your wife. You get the money. Plus a rejuvenated wife.

This young man would have killed the boredom in her life. So you will be having a wife with resetted system. Refurbished. Refreshed.


Should we imagine what the young single man and your wife will do in Venice. Aside having a gondola ride, walking over the Bridges of Sighs, eating seafoods and venetian dishes, watching a show with delicious wine and dinner at the Avanspettacolo Theatre, dancing in St. Mark’s Square, and watchimg a performance at La Fenice Opera House.

Should we go deep in our imagination of what could also happen as they both cruise on these places?

It’s what they will do at the sweet islands of Murano, Torcello or Burano that is unfair.

So let’s not imagine. Let’s forget it. So we don’t compound the heartache. In case you are a modern man with western ideas willing to try out things. Willing to allow your wife go for the trip.

Afterall, she will experience the magical. And you do not have the magical to offer.

You can allow your wife go.

I won’t allow mine.

That’s why I am working hard. That’s why I am planning hard too.

The lifestyle and money needed to accommodate the spice and fun is currently under execution.

Your Travel spotter,


PS: May your wife not go to Venice with a single guy. Say amen. And may your wife not lie about going to a 7 days vigil and end up in Venice. Because Venice is tempting but I trust your wife.

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