Dear Edo State People

Ediale's Envelopes

Come this Saturday, you will have the opportunity of carrying out a democratic assignment. Your right to elect your leader will rest in your fingers.

Unfortunately it’s all scam.

Whosoever you choose will deliver the same outcome. However, vote your choice.

Take all the money that come your way.

I bet the money won’t even be much. The best you can gather is N3k.

The exact money it takes to cure a mild maleria.

One malaria, the money is gone.

But you will live by your choice.

I dare anyone of you to name 10 well built hospitals that has 247 electricity, with capacity to treat CANCER, KIDNEY TRANSPLANT. I dare you to name a general hospital that stands to support UBTH as a good alternative.

The land is poor.

No factories.

I dare you to name a factory currently running with over 100,000 employees.


What you have are clubs that can compete with some in Lagos. You dont have good roads. Just like other parts of the nation.

Your tourism centers are suffering.

Transport terminals are now well managed than the tourism centers.

It’s been long I touched down Edo State.

But I would be glad to hear from you what is working in Edo State.

Aside the fact that University Of Benin is in Edo state. Aside the fact that our very rich culture is still top notch for it’s traditional values. Aside the fact that our Oba is still the most respected in this part of the divide. What else is working?


Just people hustling and doing things for themselves.

Transportation is zero.

Broadcast and media is zero.

Sports is zero.

Religion centers are top notch.

You guys still have the best Akara.

What else?

What is the development story?


It’s just the same thing.

Same story.

Hopeless situation.

I encourage the youths to stay clear from violence. Nothing is worth your blood and life.

Dont be quick to prove anything.

Just continue being your independent supplier.

And keep your Italy dream alive.

Yes. I will be the last person to condemn you for jetting out. Some of you will go to Lagos. Other will go to Italy, many will go to Spain as usual.

Be safe. Do your best.

The change is yet to come.

Whatever decision you take is same thing.

Same Actors. And the story is even the same.

This time 4 years ago. The current Governor was marketed as the saint. The Pastor was presented as a criminal. Now the presenters made a swift switch. Now they are presenting the Pastor as the saint and trying hard to say they were wrong initially. Now they say the Governor is the criminal.

Same sorry stories reedited and recirculated.

I dont buy.

But do your choice.

Until the true change comes.

Your Edo 2020 spotter,


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