Dear Samson,You 53-year-old now

Ediale's Envelopes

You intend appealing the judgment from FIFA against your ban from all footballing activities.

And the sum of N36.4 million is needed for you to deposit before the hearing on the case can commence at CAS.

I see that for over eight months now you have opened a Gofundme account as you beg Nigerians for help, you have been able to get just N232,000 out of N36.4 million.


I assume you are worth say N50m.

You have been in the football business for some time now.

So I understand you just cant be worth nothing.

Otherwise, why continue in football?

So I get.

If you have N50m in your bank account.

You cant waste N36m of it on this.

Make sense.

Difficult case.

N36m is N3M in 12 months.

So it makes more sense.

If you get your license back.

You get a job. You sure wont be paid less than N3m per month.

Now I understand why you are bent on raising this money.

I don’t think Nigeria believes in your innocence.

And that’s why most times I wonder why we keep things in our dull circles.

Leave your circle. Find heads that can solve your problem with strategies.

If Nigerians believe in you. You will get the money.

Compare the money you raised and that Erica raised on GoFundMe.

She didnt even beg. They begged on her behalf.

So I think you should first win the case with Nigeria.

Sell the sympathy. Do a documentary.

Nigerians will call you.

Go to twitter push a campaign.

The next thing you will hear from Davido is “Uncle Siasia Call Me”.

Sell your case. Sell your sincerity.

Already it seems you are guilty.

No effort.

No campaign.

Ex footballers?

Your team mates?

Speak to Okocha.

Speak to Kanu.

Speak to Oliseh.

Okocha knows Eto.

Kanu knows Henry.

These stuffs are worth more than N36m.

If they rise and speak for you.

You will get the money.

But just doing nothing but begging for the money in a lame way wont buy nada.

The Government is clearly not concerned.

Why I laugh when most of you, famous persons, refuse to do politics.

See Amokachi na. He’s bagging portfolio after portfolio with Buhari.

If Goodluck Jonathan was President. I am sure they would have helped. This is why the northerns love power and politics.

Your Case spotter,

PS: Well if it’s too tough just buy my book and use that N232k to play 155 odds. You will get N36m.

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