Dear Otedolas,Congratulations

Ediale's Envelopes

We see.

We like.

We want.

We shall get.

Money is good.

Daddy has done his own.

Give zaddy a chance to do his own.

Let me come spoil you babes.

Just wondering, what do I buy for you peeps now?

Daddy just went splashing heavily on Ferrari.

Zaddy has to do better.

What do I get for these babies of fire?


Will my heart do?

You know heart is life.

I can support with one of my kidneys.


Then we can go chop Amala at Iya Kabira.

Candle light style.

Romantic something.

Forget those fancy foodplaces.

Let me give you ghetto romance.

“E sweet die”.

Park your cars.

We shall take OKADA.

Specially customized!

With fancy ribbons of light and affections.

See this is magical.

Iya Kabira’s goat meat is made in heaven. Dipped in honey and fried in sweetness.

“God no go shame us”

Let’s make local reality show of romance.

Your Zaddy spotter,

PS: Andrea, sweet daughter, lets not show off. I will take you to MERCEDES-BENZ next week.


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