Dear Harriet you are beautiful

Ediale's Envelopes


I remember.

Back in school how we had to visit your place now and then because my friend couldn’t get over you.


Yeah, before I go say more about the romanticals of the days behind.

I should tell my hand that you are happily married.

But my head tells me it is safe to expose.

I have the permission to tell it all.

Only because, really, you were a decent gentle flower in school. Godly and precious.

Thy decency was quite a standard.

A standard that kept you to a close bestie called Obehi.

Another wonderful soul.


If I failed to see the treasure and glorious beauties before me then.

If my right hand man was unable to take you to mama.

If we failed in all these.

We succeeded in something else.

We had another great bro marry your bestie.

We achieved.

Brother Kenneth did the honors.

And even at that I remember some more.

That we did try a lot to take you to mama.

Not one. But two of my leutenants had the intentions.

So we are not condemned for not trying.

Maybe for something else.

But well…

All is well that ends well.

The lucky man in your life got a gem.

And that’s that.

Alas. I am bro-zoned.

We are bro-zoned.

Afterall, we came from the same home-town.

We shall enjoy our bro-zoning.

Harriet of sparkles and delight, do have a great day of celeberation. More pleasing memories ahead.

Your Bro-Zoned spotter,

PS: Thanks for the food we ate all those evenings we came to your lodge back then in school.


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