Dear Nigerians

Dear Nigerians: We Rise By Lifting Others

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Fellow Nigerians

Time to be a brother’s keeper.

We rise by lifting others.

Let’s lift our brother.

Yinka Ogundaisi needs a financial help.

For him to stand, walk, and live again.

For those that don’t know him or can’t relate he is an actor, writer, and Director of films and TV programs.

As profiled recently by a Facebooker, “He was the next actor to play the legendary Sango in ‘Oba Koso’ after late Chief Duro Ladipo. He resuscitated and repackaged the longest-running Yoruba TV programme, ‘FEYIKOGBON.’ A member of cast of ‘The Village Headmaster,’ he also authored a crime fiction titled ‘The Charmed Lock.’

His movie credits include
– Give and Take – 1990
– Destiny – 1995
– Hostess – 1999
– Ọmọge (Damsel) – 2007
– Pardonable, Unforgiveable – 2016
– Happy Homes (a drama series once aired on DSTV and now running on NTA 2 Lagos, Fridays 8pm”.

We need money.

We can do this together.

Here are his bank details:

Olayinka Ogundaisi

Thank you.

Your Veteran spotter,

PS: Donate your pennies, please. For humanity.

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