Dear Awele

Dear Awele: Happy Golden Celebration

Ediale's Envelopes

Sorry, I mean Dr. Awele Vivian Elumelu.

Happy 50th birthday.

Your husband, Oga Tony Elumelu himself, sends his greetings:

“Happy birthday darling Awele. My Queen is 50”.

You are truly a queen.

Some of us still have the dream of getting married to a doctor. We feel they make better caring wives.

So I am jealous of Oga.

He is doing well.

You have taken Avon Medical Services Limited to a great height. Your work is duly noted so is your dedication and commitment.

You are not one of those women who have relaxed because they married a wealthy man.

You work and sweat it out in your career.

50 looks so good on you. Who’d notice that you are a mother of 7?

We saw your work with Gavi. As you sit on the campaign to push immunization for Africans.

You rock a happy home and many women see you as a mentor. Clearly, as quoted on a net worth house, “someone with seven children who still serves as Trustee of the Tony Elumelu Foundation alongside her job as Chairperson of Avon Healthcare and GAVI Ambassador of Immunisation in Africa, will definitely be a role model to many? She is a gem that will always be respected and sought after”.

I hope this letter does justice in celebrating your good works. Because you are good and CNN was right to have nick-named you and your husband as ‘Power Couple’.

For the many jobs, you have made available to thousands of Nigerians and Africans you and hubby deserve the honor.


Please send my cake.

Your Power Cake spotter,

PS: Tony went to the wife market with great sight. He needs to mentor Ediale. The only market I know is the one that has Simi. And she seems to be the only stock there.

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