Dear Jovita

Dear Jovita Eke: Another Sad News

Dear News Maker, Ediale's Envelopes

Sexy Joe.

Another sad news.

That we won’t hear your voice again on Brila Fm.

Yeah, that’s quite sad.

We woke up, days back, to see your tweet.

Apparently, you ended your eight-year run with Brila FM.

We may never know what is happening these days at Brila. But we know those that made our list of favorite analysts.

You, Edafe and Tony Bekederemo.

You brought a certain vibe to the job.

That vibe is def going with you.

We see the same vibe in your Instagram Hang Out With Sexy program.

We are eager to know your next move?

Where next?

I asked.

You told me you will like to behave like a Pep Guardiola.

You want a sabbatical.

You will take some time off to relax.

I understand.

It is probably a time to reinvent.

However, whatever the next move becomes.

Know that we pray for you.

We love you and wish you the best.

Call on us, when you need support.

Your Sexy spotter,

PS: May we not wake up one morning soon to discover Tony Bekederemo is no longer with Brila. That will be the moment that completes the death of a once-upon-a-time great brand.

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