Dear cook

Dear Cook: The World Sees You As A Cook

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See. The world will wait for you. And whenever you are ready. The world will buy what you have cooked.


You have to be sure the world didn’t wait in vain. And you also have to be sure while the world was waiting for you. You were cooking.

That’s the truth.

I see people depressed by the wrong facts.

It’s a fact that you may not be known for anything major at the moment.

That’s cool.

But it’s not the best fact.

The right fact is that you are cooking.

And while cooking you need time to allow the meal to be cooked, get done, and be ready to serve.

People jump ahead.

I have no problem with that as long as you are cooking.

Jump ahead. Get the plates ready. Wash the plates and spoons for when you are ready to serve the food.

At least when the time comes to serve you won’t be bothered about looking for clean plates.

Every time you go-ahead to build a website for a project that’s not yet ready. Every time you build social media pages for such projects. You are jumping ahead. You are doing the dishes. And it is a good way to wait.

It applies to marriage as a project too.

Miss Unmarried. Yet she’s already taking cooking classes. She’s already reading books with titles like What To Do When Your Daughter Turns 7. Or How To Be A Successful Career Wife To A Great Man.


You are already attending religious or academic meetings meant for married people.

Auntie, uncle you are ‘jumping’.

But it’s a good jump.

But never let the world push you into serving a terrible half-cooked meal, thinking you are late. You are not. The world always waits.

How old was Mandela when he became President? The world waited for him.

2020, year of the virus. Year of the uncertain. Year of a pandemic. But guess what? It’s also a year of the great cooks. People are cooking, they started before the lockdown. Others started by the lockdown conditioning. Some started yesterday. However, the world will wait for them. Once they are ready, the world will buy.

The world is waiting. It will wait for the virus to go. Of course it will go. Life must resume and the world will start buying again. Cooks will serve their meals.

Meals of soccer, meals of music, meals of fashion designing…

Whatever the meal. If it’s excellent, if it’s authentic, if it’s enjoyable, if it’s amazing. The people of the world will buy.

All you need do is cook!

Don’t be distracted by your neighbor. Ignore social media packaging. Some people already got their food ready and it seems you are left behind. They have their dishes all over the media and you are reacting the wrong way?

Well. Sorry.

That’s the only word for people who want pity.

If you want glory, cook.

Cook the damn thing.

Stop crying over other people’s aroma.

Appreciate the way their food looks, buy if you must, give them the deserving appreciation and feedback. Taste, eat, and rejoice with them. Knowing your time is coming.

It’s their ceremony. Yours will happen when you are done cooking. So don’t wail, don’t hate, don’t discourage, don’t be jealous. All these negative energies are dangerous seeds.

They always find a way to hunt you back.

Again I say the world will wait for you. Yet I am not talking to the man who does nothing but buries his or her head on the mobile devices watching all the movies that come the way.

I am not talking about people who do not value their me-time. Who are always in other people’s personal lives. Tuface Idibia made such words in one of his lyrics. He blasted people that are always in clubs because of him. People who are ignorantly trailing him to all the parties. They are unaware that he is doing his business. So they compare themselves to him.

You can’t be playing video games from Monday to Friday unless you are an MC or a Comedian. And that’s because they mainly work on weekends.

Many years ago, Dr. D.K Olukoya preached against the Ludo and Draft games. He opined that if you want to deliver yourself from poverty avoid those games.

I understood his angle.

There are people who sit with ludo in the morning by 10 am and then stand up by 6 pm daily. Haven’t you seen people who play Scrabble for 24hrs?

The saddest thing is some of them use the scrabble dictionary. And so unlike people who use modern dictionaries, they are just playing for fun and not for the knowledge of words.



What I am saying is if you are not cooking the world will still wait. But it will wait to mock you. It will wait to disappoint you. It will wait to fail you.

This is a carefully thought up piece that is more about encouraging people who are worried and very depressed because they feel they are late. They feel the world is passing them. Some feel suicidal, thinking they have failed.

I dare say to them, you can still make it. Just do something. The world will wait. Just let the wait be worth the while.

And truth is if you put your heart to it of your life. You will make it.

Note: Here’s a raw piece from my strategic ebook titled The World Sees You As A Cook. This is a working prologue.

This is a piece from Ediale’s major TWSYAC book project.


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