Dear Tina

Dear Tina: We are sorry for your death

Dear News Maker, Ediale's Envelopes

Quite sad.

“Nigerians can’t breathe”.

How can we even manage to sleep or breathe well with such stories?

All you did was help your parents stay in a shop to sell pepper and fruits.

Just contributing your own hustle to the family’s income.

And you got killed by a Policeman who’s paid by taxpayers.


A drunk policeman.

He wanted N200.

He wanted a commercial bus driver to settle for being out by 9 pm (against the 8 pm Covid-19 curfew directive).

200 Naira.


Not even enough to buy the WAEC form you would have written this year.

You had dreams.

You were reading for your coming exams.

Yet the Nigerian Police drunken by stupidity, cheap alcohol, poverty of mind & wisdom.

The idiot first shot at the driver.

And started shooting into the crowd as people attempted to bring him to order for shooting the bus driver.

All for what?


And as he shoots. A bullet caught you.

Your brother, Ezekwe King, said you did run.

When you heard the shooting.

Unfortunately, a bullet caught you.

You died days after.

I imagine the pain.

Day one. You must have suffered from an immeasurable amount of physical pain.

Day two. You must have suffered from unknowing the unknown.

The rest of the days must have been so so painful for all the family and you.

You are no more. We pray God keeps you good.

We pray God strengthens your family.

It’s difficult being blacks.

They kill you here for N200.

When you make it out.

They kill you in the US for being black.

Life is tough.

We can’t breathe.

We are sorry for your death.

We are sorry. Perhaps if we did better we would have had a saner community, a good system…

Now we pray for justice.

Your Justice spotter,

PS: We are sorry for your death. We pray God takes you to a good place far better than here.

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