Dear Adenike

Dear Adenike OmogeNaija: Product photographer with a strong focus

Dear News Maker, Ediale's Envelopes

Some people have their destiny in their hands. They are working out their paths. You are one of such women.

You are creating a big company in photography — Grevolve.

Grevolve is up and running. You have mastered a niche — Product photography.

“Grevolve is the short form for Green Evolve; green represents Nigeria. Nigeria evolves, Nigeria growing and developing”.

You seem to believe in the country a lot.

I like the way you see Nigeria?

“If Nigeria was the inheritance my father left me, what will be my attitude towards it”.

So there.

Nigeria is at the Center of the Grevolve story.

You want to visually tell the good Nigerian story. You know that most of the gist about Nigeria and Africa is negative. And you want to join in changing the narrative.

From making leather accessories in 2016, you discovered the power of photography. The day you took the picture of a red clutch purse and posted online and people were making inquiries about it as a “pink purse”.

Knowing that for ladies, sending a Red purse in place of a Pink purse is a disaster! You knew something was wrong with your photography.

And so you decided to take a 10-day Photography course at Daystar so as to learn what it was that you were doing wrong.

7 days into the course you decided to go to a Photography School to learn it full time so you could take Photos for other small business owners like you.

… and that is how you got here and loving it!

Not many photographers restrict themselves to just product photography. Even though you do corporate events, this product thing seems to be a burning passion in your heart.

You see it this way, “Photography is like medicine, yes we have General Practitioners, but we also have specialists”.

And also because you are very specific about what you do, people easily remember you for it.

Some people don’t get it though, they always wonder why you don’t shoot weddings. It’s like every photographer we know shoot weddings.

Yet if someone makes inquiries about wedding photography, you refer them to your colleagues.

You shared a story with me, “when I was in training and I’d tell some of my Seniors that I wanted to become a Product Photographer, some of them said its not a feasible niche because Nigeria is not a Producing Country. I’m glad I’m proving them wrong now. Although, just like most businesses, building one is not easy in the beginning. But it’s getting better, it’s being 21 months since I started full time”.

Well done.

The amazing thing is for product photography, you are still in business. You are in-doors. In your studio, working despite the pandemic.

I see your works at Instagram .


So I am sending business your way. Just make sure you send me my cut — lol.

Small and big business owners or other peeps who want creative visuals that will drive more customers to their website and social media handles can send you a mail at

They can call me for your phone number.

Keep flying the flag.

Your PP spotter,

PS: The world sees us as cooks. You have cooked a nice career for yourself. The world will eat. — with Adenike OmogeNaija.

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