Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet: It’s your birthday.

Dear News Maker

You look like love.

Many lovely people got born today.

I have been greeting great persons today.

Now I have to end the day’s greetings with this beautiful damsel.

It’s peeps like you that make the sun heavy on us.

Why will the sun not go jealous of seeing you?

You set.

Creative. Talented. Fun.

Now I am here to also collect applications.

Let the applicants come with money o.

Your big sis, Esther Imoleayo Afeks, has been up and everywhere since this morning. She couldn’t keep quiet. Because it’s her baby’s birthday.

I like it when elder sisters love their kid sisters this way.

Back in school we really felt your sis. Esther was a fine babe. But you seem to double her beauty.

Trust you had a splendid day.

I wish you more beautiful years.



Dear damsel.

Your Body spotter,
PS: Toast to love and life.

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