Dear Runtown: Thanks for the N10m Quarantine Money

Dear News Maker

Dear Runtown,

You just shared N10million without any due process on Twitter.



This Coronavirus is teaching us a lesson.


You are not even a member of the 30BG.

I don’t think you ever boasted of having 30 Billion Naira anywhere.

But someone that can share N10m, in one day to people he doesn’t know, over the issue sorrounding the pandemic must truly have a big heart and a big account as well.

You are just N40m shorter than Atiku.

And considering the difference between your CV and that of Atiku. Mehnnnn, that is so commendably cool.

One could say Atiku is doing it for 2023. And so call it a greek gift. But what is Runtown running for?

Certainly not for Presidency.

You are just running a good cause.


Olubankole Wellington is a politician. I don’t see him helping directly with N10m.

Unless he is partnering with an entrepreneur or sponsoring some talent with a view of profiteering.

Not that it’s a bad thing. But it’s definitely far from pure gifting without any expectation of any levels of return.

This is the kind of letters I want to keep writing.

Some got N20k. Others N25k and also N15k.

Good job.

It’s Christmas in March if many good stars take after you. This is the gospel our pastors don’t want to share.

I wish more pastors learn from this practical sermon. Now suddenly I am proud of the people we can become. Being a Nigerian is not a curse after all. Some of us are nice.

I expect AY, Alibaba, Tubaba, Wizkid, Davido, Teni, Don Jazzy, Olamide and others to borrow a leaf from you.


This is good.

It feels like PDP is back.

PDP — Share the money!

Money in the hands of the people that need it is truly Power To The People.

I expect companies to join too. Bet9ja is still finding ways to collect more money from Nigerians even though majority of the sporting activities are on hold.

They should share some of the billions they made this season from Nigerians.

That company is one of the most profitable company of the year.

Anyways, Runtown thank you. God bless your music. You are like your music. You do things your own way.

No politics, no long thing, no bragging, no story. You just shared N10m just like that. And I hear you will continue tomorrow on Twitter.

Whereas one dude has been shouting all year long that he is African Giant.

Giant do something o.

Shake body like Runtown.

‘You be Giant no be for mouth o, Giant do something’.

Your Good Heart spotter,


PS: If I send my account now. One reader will shout, ‘Ha, Ediale you dey here too?’. So let me just respect myself.

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