Dear Woman.


Dear Woman,

I wrote a poem for you a few years ago!
This one best describes your struggle and your victories and I hope you like it. Whatever you do or go through, never forget

You are Enough

To all the woman who can be
Present. Even when life is cruel
Whipping out their strength
and beating all by sheer courage
Doing all expected, breaking the cage.
I say to you ‘You are enough’

To that good woman today
Who shares the love in her heart
And again and again, she gives herself to others, like fine art
That woman who craves the connection that’s right in all parts
Listen, woman, You are enough.

To that woman who pushes the boundaries
Who changes notions and flips perceptions
Who wakes up with one sole, single notion
That one can only be as invested as they are rich in passion
Look there, that one is enough.

Your struggles are numerous but the world will see
Who you are and how empty this world would certainly be
Without your strength courage and sheer purity
I speak to you and me and her, all three
Rise for the ovation woman
You are enough’

Happy international women’s Day!!!

Your Sufficiency Spotter
Eme Esop

P.s That man behind you wishes he could be the one to hold your hands, share your dreams and help build your tomorrows. Sometimes he is a bit too headstrong to find the right words to tell you this. Forgive him!

Poetry by ©Eme Esop 2018

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