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Dear Political Cabals in Nigeria,

Kudus to the President, National Assembly, and the Ministry of Health. I hope I don’t get crucified by the politically paid Buharists. Let’s talk about This ‘big man’ disease called Coronavirus.

Let me draw your attention to what you already know. First Let me commend the federal government – Mohammadu Buhari and the Leadership of the National assembly, for the speedy signing and approval in principle granted to the Honourable Minister of health to spend about N620m on prevention of the coronavirus disease.

Despite the huge amount spent on prevention, the disease came after all and what we hear now is that another about N300m has been released for the management of curtailing of the spread of the diseases. I quite appreciate the prompt and doggedness of this government to fight this imported disease, what some call a foreigner’s sickness.

It is deadly and has cost the death of about 3,830+ already mostly older men. So I can understand the rush and determination to curtail the disease and release so many funds to fight it in Nigeria. However, I have a few questions and I do hope answers will come as fast as possible. Nigeria has only one index case, a foreigner and ALMOST N1Billion has been spent already in the management of the disease.

Yet we have a domesticated disease occurring almost every year yet no cure, or solutions – the dreaded LASSA Fever. It has killed almost 200 already this year some figures higher than what was experienced in the year 2019 with Edo, Ebonyi, and Ondo accounting for over 70% of the deaths. Why is the government not taking Lassa fever as a priority?

Oh, it’s a disease associated with the POOR.

‘No be big man kpalava…’

Nigerians can recall the way and manner Ebola flu was handled in this country and how we also conquered that. In fact Nigeria curtailed Ebola like we would expect a developed country to. That’s the ideal Nigeria of our dream where things work and function properly.

You see, it was successful because the political cabals know there was a high chance they could be affected, so Ebola got all the support possible and we succeeded. The same attention has been given to a foreign disease again – the Coronavirus threat while LASSA FEVER continues to kill the poor who cannot afford a hygiene environment and quality meals.

The government knows the cause of LASSA FEVER, and if we keep the bushes down, and invest more into environment management, enlighten the masses and equip the health centres nationwide, we will not have such deaths. It’s a pity Lassa fever na poor man disease and the rich political class and cabals are very unlikely to get infected by it.

Can you recall how one honourable member of the national assembly raise a matter of urgency few days ago that the house needs to go on compulsory 2weeks break to avert spread of coronavirus? Them dey fear, so they have to go on 2weeks break. When the markets are polluted and populated, the parks are dirty and no health provision, how the schools, whether public or private….dey don’t care because them no get children there after all.

So you see how the country has degenerated a political office holder instead of seeking the goodness of the citizens, poor masses and the people he is representing, instead seek for his own gain. Maybe we should close the mosques, super stores, churches, bars, and airports for two weeks also. Mr. President, my senators, house of rep members, and all political cabals, make una wake up our mumu don do.

Nigerians are watching. Support #Nigeriansfirst. Put the masses ahead and let us stop this selfishness and greed. I am just wondering if Mr President will like to go to the UK for medical checkup this season with cases of Coronavirus now around 95,333 according to WHO as at March 5, 2020 while the UK account for 270+ cases with about 75+ unknown locations – hmmm, he will have to think it through.

This is the worse pandemic ever experienced in UK history. We have done well to curtail the spread of the disease, but we know it is not a local or domesticated disease. Na oyinbo sickness yet we dey spend so much to manage the matter. The oyinbo man weh come from Italy no fit thank God say na naija him dey. Italian government and Italians must have a big cause to worry.

Italy accounts for more deaths after China (233/3,099) as at March 8, 2020 and over 95+ countries of the world affected. So I recommend to government, just the way Ebola was tackled, now Coronavirus is being shown the way out, let’s also make Lassa fever disappear. It shows we can make this country work if we really want to.

Na wetin concern the political cabals or stand a threat to their health and life na him dem dey support to work abi?’. We know the comfort you all enjoy…so you really don’t want to fix power, healthcare, education, transport, road, security because you get the best of these; using our resources for personal advantage while the masses wallow in pains, insecurity, hunger, hardship and discomfort.

Mr President and the political cabals, let’s also show the world Nigeria economy can work, standard of living can be better, GDP Per Capita Income can rise, Power can be fixed, Our Institutions can be stronger and of more quality, governance can be smooth and people anchored, infrastructure and social amenities can be provided for the well being of the masses and Nigerians, public schools can be equipped and funded as applicable in developed nations, health care centres across the country can be standard and functional, the prisons and other government institutions can be standard.

Enough of building Abuja because the cabals live there, building roads because the cabals or their relatives live there, constant power because the cabals or their relatives live there, curtailing of Ebola or coronavirus for fear of getting infected. If we must curtail Corona Virus, then we must end Lassa Fever Now. Let’s also fix the pains and fears of the masses and average Nigeria (that’s all this letter is addressing).

I hope to read from Mr President ASAP or his paid spokesmen. Although my friend, Ben prefers I write to the National Assemly for quick response. So please continue to forward this until it gets to Aso Mansion (I hear it’s no more a villa that people confuse it for village).

Kenneth ENORUWA is an advocate of good governance, quality institutions, organizational transformation and excellence in leadership. He is a financial & Management Consultant with vast experience in Banking, Risk, Internal Auditing & Customer Service Experience.

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