Dear Son: Why are you beating me?

Dear News Maker

Dear Son,

You did this to me?

Left your pastor’s office in bitterness.

Yet with a bewitched soul.

You were programmed to hate me. You were programmed by counsel. Your pastor said I am the witch. That I am the reason you are unsuccessful.

So you reached for your dark spirit. The demon inside of you arose. And you became a sad tale.

You went to buy sticks and canes. Took your wife along and visited my weak self.

You flogged me. Your old mum. You flogged me like I stole your life. All I did was give you life.

I am helpless. I wish I do not need to move. I am not that strong. If only I can die immediately after your first few strokes. I am weak.

I want to die. It will be a very painful death. What has my son turned to?

Why is he this strong in dark wickedness? Why is he flogging me? Do I deserve this? Perhaps I do. I suffered as a mother to raise him.

Maybe that’s witchcraft.

Raising a child is my only sin. Why did I raise a child? Why did I not use my womb for nothing? Why bring a soul to this world of evil?

You really must be so so sad. So so pained. To do this to me. I assume you are truly hindered from success by a witch. That witch must have truly made life so hellish for you.

So much you would flog such individual even if she’s your mum and already few moments to the grave. You must have truly suffered. Perhaps I am the one that’s the ultimate reason you are exposed by a witch.

I didn’t bore you in my womb. You wouldn’t exist and as such won’t understand the bitterness that embraces you.

But I am not the witch. Who will believe me? Certainly, not your pastor. Who already told you I am the witch behind your case.

Perhaps I look like a witch. So how do I argue my points? The world is now too complicated for an old woman. I have no tool to connect to today world. Perhaps they would hear me out.

I see your wife is recording this beating. You won’t stop? I am in pain. I do not speak the language of the modern world. If it was the old times. We would be quickly taken to the village priest.

He would consult the oracle and they would tell who is wrong. Today, I here that tool with which your wife records this flogging is very powerful. Millions of people would see the video magically.

I hear if she wants, they can even see it automatically as this beating is going on. Oh, you just hit my head with that last stroke. Can I rest a bit and you continue later?

I bore you.

I was nice to you.

I had you on my back year after year.

You fed off my breasts until you could run and see.

I suffered for you.

There were days I was sick but it was your sickness that bothered me.

It was your healing I first pursued before I considered my life.

Today you beat me. Because your pastor said I am a witch.

Could it be true. That I am a witch and don’t even know it?

Ye! My neck. That got my neck and my left eye.

That stroke of the cane got me bad.

Please dear. Stop.

Too weak. Too clueless.

I am unable to do anything.

I can’t defend myself.

Yet I can’t just die.

What kind of life is this?

My son. Please, I am not a witch.

Your Weak Mum
Spotted By Ediale

PS — The video link of the flogging :

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