Dear Diane Rosset: Focus on movies, but…


Dear Diane Rosset,

Baby girl for life. You remind me of Genevieve Nnaji. And I dare say you will take over from where she stops.

Not as if she has stopped. But she may as well do little acting and more directing. I saw your short film titled The Therapist.

Where you and Iyanya deliberately got us angry with your passionate kissing. Stuff like that is why some people went into acting and movies.

So they can kiss stars.

But The Therapist is more than just you and Iyanya kissing or making love. It’s you prepping for what’s to come. If only you will hear me.


Focus on acting.

I think you have the eyes and lips. You have the jaw and body. Even though the challenge will be about how tiny you are. You will need to gain some weight.

So you can have those romantic scenes rather than daughter roles. I enjoyed the short film. And there’s another one you made as well — Bayi.


Great to see that these jobs are your creations and productions. Shows how creative and industrious you are.

Keep the fire blazing.

I saw your birthday shout out to Elozonam.


Anyways. Let me pretend to ignore that. I wish you well. I love you.

Your Lovely Lips spotter,

PS: I can act too. I am a very good actor. A fantastic actor. Just in case you are looking for a superb kissing guy for another job. I even kiss for a living. I am a kissing freelancer. I studied kissing at Harvard University. No lie.

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