Dear Edafe: Don’t stop.

Dear News Maker

And that’s just me saying it. I know you won’t stop.
You are too focused and rightly strong-headed to stop.

I use to think TV was way better than Radio until I heard you on Brila FM. I had a rethink and went to buy a solid audio player when I stumbled on your football analysis.

Since you left Brila FM. I think the brand lost its salt. I know we keep saying, “Brila FM can’t die. Many people will come and go. Yet the brand will survive.”

But, that’s not exactly true though. Unless we want to deceive ourselves. A huge part of that brand died when you and Murphy left Brila.

You were the king of the morning programming while Murphy was the lord of the evening show. It was a perfect situation for me. I wake up with your voice and start my late evening projects with the crazy Murphy.

Life was good. The radio was worth it. But since you left, I discovered Max FM and Nigeria Info. They’ve tried to fill the gap you left. They try.

But you are not entirely off the radar though. You are still very much around in a new media — YouTube.

And from what I see you are one of the top brands that will change the way we enjoy audio-visual contents in the near future. I dare say, in 5 years time, your sport show will be more followed than the regular Radio Sports Contents.

I see your hard work, the creativity, the building and above all the passionate style. Just remember me in your kingdom.

Although you have made sports and football the core. I see you also have other interesting fashion, entertainment and lifestyle contents on the Elegbete TV Channel (on YouTube).

You have a solid team. I admire their passion and professionalism. I see their zeal towards the building project. I understand the immediate challenge as well. To build anything isn’t sexy. The ‘sexy’ comes after the ‘building’. So stop stopping, keep keeping up.

I enjoy your newly added program (the talking point show). I enjoyed the latest edition (link here: ). From the facts around and about you, it’s clear that you study hard. You read a lot. And these are the characteristics of a champion.

You started as a footballer. But it almost seems you started as a pundit. Because you do what you do so effortlessly well (this guy can talk for 10 days straight o).

Thanks for being you and for giving the young people around you, a platform to express their talents. Many will be inspired by your zeal. Many will join your company when you open the gate.

I hear you have the space for thousands of people. As the company grows in numbers and finance. It will employ many and the nation will be better for it.

That’s why we must support people who are doing the extra-ordinary things for the good of all. Well done. I see what you are doing at Eco Bits too. I hope to come speak to the great people you have there some day.

Your Elegbete spotter,

PS: We see you are happily married with 3 kids. People should come study you to know how they can build a solid platform after losing their jobs.

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