Dear You: Judge Not.

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They say.

But they know not what they say.

They use that phrase to defend their biases.

When a religious leader falls short of his or her character. And you dare talk about it. They say, “hey don’t judge! You are not God.”

They are unwise to understand that they are rebuking you to desist from rebuking another. And so if they think you are judging. They too are also judging you by telling you to stop doing what they have percieved as judgment.

But guess what?

When a political leader falls short of his or her character then they say he is bad.

They don’t see it then as being judgmental.

“Buhari is this. Buhari is wicked. Buhari is so so terrible because…”

They go on and on…no one creeps in then to say don’t judge.

I go to their walls. I scroll down and I see where they have admolished a soul. And I wonder if they don’t see that they are guity of ‘judging’.

The scam they are.

Well that is the cheap methord they adopt to keep you quiet. That’s the unintelligent way they can approach the issue.

“Don’t judge”.

But I try to explain. I do not judge. What I do is what our teachers did. What I do is what our mentors do. What I do is what analyst do. What I do is what reviewers or critics do.

It’s there in the bible.

Bible says don’t judge. Same bible say admolish. Same bible say correct. Reprove!

But hey, they are blind to that part of the scripture.

But they forget it when their kids do wrong. They do more than ‘judge’ then. They sentence as well. They give the kids some few strokes of the cane. Then they call it discipline. It’s not judgment.

But it is my own “corrections, advice, admolishment e.t.c” that is judgment.

Hypocrisy soaked in foolishness.

If we criticize, analyse, counsel, discuss in view to pass a decent advice or correction. There’s no judgement in that.

If you don’t like it. The least you should do is try not to come tell us ‘not to judge’. Because by so doing, you are judging our works too.

But I understand wisdom is scarce. So many people wear foolishness on their heads and take it for wisdom.

Wisdom is scarce. That is why we are here.

Your No-Judging spotter,


PS: Go and study what it means to judge! Stop spewing ignorance.

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