Dear Tope Alabi: There is a But

Dear News Maker

N“Na dance you dance, you no kill person”


Next time do better.

See when people who are supposed to be very careful decide to not to.

The least thing I expect from them is to take responsibility and move on.

You can’t be singing Jesus and be dancing devil.

You are a minister for a reason. You write gospel songs and most of the people who listen to these songs believe God gives you the lyrics.

You have even told us that God does give you lyrics. So for someone that close to God. It’s expected that you will be so far from the devil.

So don’t blame people calling you out for dancing Zanku, Soapy, and Awilo. They thought you were too spiritual for that.

And so you slipped. You fell. Why not just say, ‘I am sorry, I am human. I was carried away. God forgive me’.

Now, this is not about the debate of being wrong or not. It is about your ministry. Your identity. Which is the gospel?

If you don’t identify as a gospel minister. You can debate the right or wrong of the moves. But you can’t be preaching repentance and holiness through your songs and be caught in the web of activities that doesn’t relate.

It’s a simple matter.

I once had a one on one, physical chat with you. That interview session went viral then as well. Where you said ‘money-bags pester you for sex’.

You said you end up preaching Christ to them and winning them for the God you serve. You see, dance like this will attract such people to you.

There are gospel ministers you can not think of proposing sex too. By their fruits, you know not to start such conversation.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

The glory and blessings attached to being a minister are surely great. The responsibilities are equally as great too.

So let’s be guided.

Ediale can be seen doing Zanku (I can never do Soapy though, no matter what) but that is Ediale, not a Tope Alabi or a Frank Edwards.

Well. We are humans. We are fallible. Most importantly, we should learn to accept that we have made a mistake, we have fallen. And then arise and shine afterward.

Your Gbese spotter,
PS: E no easy shaaaa. Temptation everywhere.

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