Dear Beverly Osu,

Dear News Maker

Don’t mind them.

How are you?

Fine girl, no dimples.

You are not totally wrong joor.

You said it was Margaret Thatcher that stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria.

If you were totally wrong, how come Bimbo Ademoye supported your answer on Ndani TGIF show where you both played the game of questions?

Two heads are better than one. Unless the people are saying two beautiful heads are not as perfect.

And maybe Mary Slessor reincarnated to become Margaret Thatcher and only a few beautiful heads know.

What do we really know? Many things happen we do not know much about.

So, well done girl!

Babcock University as an institution is so proud of their ambassador.

I knew there was something about Thatcher that was beyond the ordinary.

She just could reincarnate again as a Nigerian to stop the killings of Nigerians. Today we record so many killings. It’s no longer just Twins.

Adults, kids, babies, men and women are being killed by insurgencies.

Your Beautiful Head spotter,

PS: Happy Valentine’s period to you from the founder of InstaLetter — James Blunt.

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