Dear Sick Friend,


I ink you from a place of deliberate love.

Knowing words can do a great deal in your healing process.

You are sick now, but you will be healed. You will soon get well.

God is able to heal. His words says if we do not ask we won’t recieve. I encourage you to ask.

He is GOD all by Himself so I know He won’t fail on his words. So let’s ask together for your healing.

I join you in asking that the GOD that created these body of yours provides healing even as we ask right now in the name of Jesus Christ.

There, amen.

He has answered.

Your healing is effective right from this moment.

Cheer up. The pains will go. Your strenght will come. The discomfort won’t last long.

Your body, soul and spirit are in tact. For the glory of God. You shall fulfil your purpose.

Arise and shine.

Take your mind away from the worries. God didn’t take you this far to abandone you.

He is merciful. He larvishes his lover over you.

Before you were born, he already had a strong love for you. He formed you. So worry not. You had no clue why he did. And you have no clue on how your bones, blood and other body parts came to be.

Biology and Medical studies can only attempt a scratch of it because God gives them the knowledge.

He has healed you. He will not forsake you.

Stop feeling down casted. Stop thinking you will end up the worst terrible way. Cos you won’t end up in any terrible way. You will be fine because you are already fine.

The difference is God has been asked to be merciful and to heal you.

Your healing is perfected just because you asked.

Your faith is activated. That same faith heals quickens your healing.

Thou art great. Your God, our God is awesome. He has done this one.



You are no longer the same. You are more than awesome right now.

Your Healing spotter,

PS: With all the intentional love to you.

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