Dear Eucharia Anunobi: I remember…

Dear News Maker

Dear Eucharia Anunobi,

How are you? Woman of God. You have come a long way. I remember the day I and Saheed Apanpa visited you at your house.

We brought you a script. I remember being one of those involved in the Casting Decision. I told Apanpa you were just right for the role. You don’t disappoint and you didn’t.

We got to your apartment and discussed money and the movie script. You showed professionalism and also knowledge. Saheed Apanpa enjoyed working with you on that set of Jumbled.

The film got to the cinemas and you were one of the great acts that did justice to the sweet movie.

‘You dey act joor’.

And there’s something you bring on set that’s just pure gold. A director’s delight. Maybe we owe it to your educational background as a MassCommunicator with a BA in English Language.

Owerri girl, you rock.

We know of Merry Men today, but it is a child’s play compared to Glamour Girls.

‘The Merry Men dey learn na’.

Glamour Girls had super ladies doing things. Some daring stunts were delivered in that series. And one scene that we can’t forget is you and Zack Orji in that bathing tube.

Fire it was.

You were naughty!

Or so the character was.

But your interpretation was just it.

Nobody still believes that Zack didn’t finger you in that bathtub scene.

And that was in 1994.

Since then, you became a force to reckon with. And according to your stories now. God was using you to speak to many lives.

And that is what movies can do — impact lives!

And life is about ups and downs.

As humans, we know only little of the entire business God has sent us down here to do.

In all the plot God gave you, there’s the burden of you losing your son.

Raymond was dear to you. But you lost him to sickle cell anemia complications.

It broke you. It was painful.

I have been close to family that lost 2 damsels to Sickle Cell Anemia. I know how painful it is. I remember how awesome the 2 girls were. And it broke the family when these young beauties lost their lives.

I was close to them. I was shattered as well.

That was when I started understanding the devastating trauma of Sickle Cell.

From being called “The Sharon Stone of Nollywood” to now wearing “The Woman of God” status. You have done well. It is not easy to build a brand. Your brand is unique and quite a household name.

You are a good story. And many will be inspired by your story. You rose above all the challenges and become a shining star.

Please teach.

As you preach the Gospel, being an ordained clergy, I pray you teach growing young girls as well.

Teach them to be intentional about their craft. And how their craft can be a tool and a strategy for fulfilling their destiny and life purpose.


If you teach our girls. They won’t have to make the mistakes you made.

In all the glamour, you surely had your mistakes. We all have our mistakes. As awesome as mistakes are. They also reduce our advancements.

At times, our mistakes push us to our dreams.

But teach.

Teach these women.

I have seen you teach though. I see you speak to women. They listen. They adore you. So they will listen.

We need more mentors of awesome characters and stories. Thank you for being a blessing.

Your Fine Face spotter,

PS: Keep doing magic.

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