Dear Adekunle: How we can co-share

Dear News Maker

Dear Adekunle,

Thank you.

You have made her smile more than Man United has made her. And we know what smiles mean to Simi.

She supports Manchester United but I don’t think we should allow her continue in that direction. Since her happiness means a lot to us.

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

One year, just like that o.

See your swag too has changed. Marriage is beans mixed with ripe diced plantain — sweet thing!

See your hair.

When they told you I have many beards. You started growing many hairs instead. Well, it is fine though.

This our love e no go die o!

It’s our love.

I don’t mean to be rude. That’s why I am appreciating you so far. For a job done. A good one at that.

I have prayers for you. The next 12 months will be filled with joy. Whatever joy means to you both.

No scandal. That’s good. We haven’t heard that some of those big booty Yoruba ladies have you wrapped.

We no dey want you. I can name 39 of them. But you have managed to keep it under control. Which is awesome.

You are the man. I like your style. Just keep her happy for me. I don’t pray you get tired of her. God forbid!


If you ever get tired. Remember me.

Just send me a text message to come carry.

No fight! No debate!

I will run to and possess my possession.


I know words like this sounds pretty funny.

But be rest assured. So long she is yours, she is yours. My Bible won’t allow me do otherwise. And I love my Bible.

One last thing, Simi hasn’t really dropped a jam since you both married o.

Hope this is not what I am thinking.

Hope she is not overlaboured with domestic works?

She doesn’t look like someone that would love cooking though. And who has seen a pic of Simi in the kitchen or before a cooking pot?

No not one.

So what is keeping her from creating hits?

See Teni na. She is crowned Queen. Okay, I get it’s turn by turn. And Teni has no love relationship to nurture yet. Love has a way of messing with our creative schedule.


WizKid says Teni is her wife number 3. Maybe by the time she is promoted to number 1. She will also slow down with the monster hits. See Tiwa, that one since being Wizzy’s number 1b has since been quite musically low too.

That 49:99 na wash!

Well. She is cooking something with Naira Marley. Maybe things will change soon. Talking about Naira Marley. We know the story between him and Simi.

But what if you help turn that as a strategy for Simi’s good. That is a Simi featuring Naira Marley shit.

By the way, I am not a Marlian. I understand Nigerians, they love everything the Government hates. Once it appeared that EFCC was bullying Naira Marley and that the story looked like a Goliath and David case. Quickly they all became Marlians.

I like that bit about Nigerians though. That’s how they kept a lady in the BBNaija house because one Goliath refused to play a Ludo game with her.

But for Naira Marley and his vulgar lyrics, it is quite a shame that some persons who should know better are also parading themselves as Marlians.

I may not agree with supporting or promoting such vulgarity and ill lifestyle by endorsing such branding. But I admire the Nigerian spirit in him.

Creating something out of almost everything. Irrespective of the situation. Dude went to jail, came out and banged out a ‘Soapy Dance Hit’. Imagine he sang something better!

Like Simi twitted some weeks ago. Popularity doesn’t mean so much. I think she tried to relate a message that we should value timeless substance over timely fame.

Anyways. Maybe it won’t be a good idea fixing that collaboration. Before my darling, Simi becomes a Marlian.


God forbid!

But this your pose in this picture though.

Love is sweet!

Jedi Jedi something!

Your Co-Sharing spotter,

PS: When I marry my own. I will show you and Simi pepper with thousands of sweet poses like this one.

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