Dear Reekado Banks: Rora song is so spiritually ‘sweet’

Dear News Maker

Dear Reekado Banks,

Son of a pastor.

How is life after Mavin?

Quick one. 

Do you know that your Rora song is so spiritually ‘sweet’? 

As in, where do you people get such awesome songs from? This song is tooooooo dope. 

Don’t mind me. I know the song didn’t just drop yesterday. But I just can’t get over the hit. 

But… the lyrics though.

It’s a whole different thing. 

I don’t think your parents (both pastors) would appreciate this song o.

So so raw. But we seem to be in that age where we can all be raw. I don’t know if the society thinks anything wrong of it. But like Naira Marley lyrics, this one is audio porn. 

Most people just enjoy the melody, you stylishly chew on the words. I don’t think they even know the lyrics clearly.

But I am here to tell them.

If your song was a letter this is how it will read in prose:


Dear Baby,

This your ass is what we call shitor. If you will allow me, I’ll like to lick every bit of it. I mean both parts of the ass. Yes, so I can change your catwalking style. And also, by extension, change your life. I will do it, open and close, like I am handling a laptop.

Just take it easy, easy, easy with me.

God has given you a fine face and also blessed you with huge ass. I am telling the truth, your body is something else. I must have sex with you. I just need to. When you are ready to give me. Please just call me and I will come running.

Trust me, I will rather hang with you than with my guys. I rather be with you feeding my eyes and enjoying you.

There are quite some other girls who are as blessed as you though. But I have decided you are the one I should be having sex with.

Oh Jesus! damn me, damn me, damn me. Jesus!! Chai!!! 

Baby, I will say it again o.
This you ass is just like shitor. Once you say it’s okay, I will proceed to eating every bit of your vagina. All the parts, and in the process, I could change your walking steps. I will also change your life, so you can enjoy yourself. I will also enjoy you, like a laptop, I will open and close you.

But just take it easy, easy, easy with me.

Now, baby, give me a slow version of what I am talking about, here in my room. Let me see if you understand and ready for that promotion I want to give you. Remember, you can do everything. I am telling you, everything is actually allowed. I dare you. I am a man. 

Now stop saying you will be the one to kill me. You don’t know I am a man? Chai!!!

Jesus!!! I am dead.

Now, take your ass a little bit low, let it roll.
Do it repeatedly. 


Hmmm, this is a 25years old boy o. That is telling the whole world that he wants to lick a woman’s ass. 

Even comparing the woman’s ass to shitor.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Shito is a Ghana sauce consisting primarily of fish or vegetable oil, ginger, dried fish, prawns, crustaceans, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and spices. These ingredients are usually blended together and cooked in vegetable or corn oil for a little over an hour to create the sauce. The blend of spices and fish differs between different regions and villages but owes its original recipe to the Ga tribe’.

Kids of these days. Those days we just couldn’t be caught saying these things. Not to talk about singing it to the world. 

Time changes yesterday. 

I am not judging you o. Just show me the girl you are talking about. It must not be any of my younger sisters, it must not be Simi. It must not be any of my choir sisters too.

Your Shitor Licking spotter,


PS: You are planning to lick someone else’s sister. And your sister is a good girl o. She is a gospel singer. Covering her own Shitor. Anyways. I thank God my sister’s have covered their own Shitor with the blood of Jesus.

PS: Seriously, I am not judging. I am just enjoying the song. This song is terribly ‘sweet’. The song reminds me of Simi.

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