Dear Unai Emery: Villareal calls, Arsenal needs magician Max

Dear News Maker

Dear Unai Emery,

You couldn’t save us both yesterday. I needed you to cash up a 45k bet. You needed you to save your job. But you failed us both. And you are paying for it.


The only place for you now is down. Now I understand why all promotion isn’t growth. You moved from coaching Valencia to Spartan Moscow, then back to Sevilla before getting the big deal of Paris Saint-Germain. Then landed at Arsenal.

Now you are sacked again. Where do you go after reaching big clubs like PSG and Arsenal without really impressing anyone?

Down or Spain?

You can settle for a small EPL club or just go back to Spain. I think Spain is better. That is where you are at your best. If you had stayed in Spain for long, managing Barca would have been a possibility.


…things are bad. Your CV is dented. And it is now safe to say you are not good at big clubs. But is Arsenal a big club? Is PSG a big club?

If you can’t handle these teams to a level of success. I don’t think the bigger jobs will come either. So go back to Spain. Thanks to you Sevilla is the most successful winners of the Europa League.

You can go back to Sevilla. They are currently occupying the 6th slot of the table. But I do not think or know if Sevilla would want to sack their manager. Julien Lopetegui seems to still be in good terms with the Sevilla board.

Another place you could move to is Valencia. They are currently occupying the 4th position on the table. But I don’t think so. Albert Celades is still loved over there.

But Villarreal seems to be doing really bad. Their manager hasn’t been able to maximize the quality legs he has in players like Santi Cazorla, Chukwueze and co.

So why not Villarreal? They are currently positioned at 14 on the table. Same place, Tottenham was before Mourinho took over. Talking about Tottenham, will Pochettino take the Arsenal job?

Arsenal are currently losing stocks and values. They need an answer right away. If you ask me they don’t need a Pochettino at this time. They need a winner. Not one of those small managers like Henry and co.

They need to start winning trophies to redeem their image fast. They need a magician. The question is who? Another question is can Arsenal afford it?

Maximilliano Allegri seems to be the right guy. But it appears the Italian wants to wait until the end of the season. It seems he wants to go to Manchester United instead.

Arsenal needs a super coach fast. A coach that will deliver. Otherwise, they will remain in that circle of frustration.

Your Sack Letter spotter,

PS: You almost won last season’s UEFA Europa League for them. You would have been remembered for that. But now what shall the Arsenal fans remember you for? You will be remembered for selling Iwobi to Everton and benching Ozil for whatever reason you had that didn’t work. Nobody would love to understand or see that the job was a risky one from day one.

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