Dear You: Join to feed 5000 kids this season


Dear You,

If you ask me. Life is basically worthless unless you are making impacts. Once you don’t belong to the group of persons changing lives, I really don’t think you will ever find that genuine peace and fulfillment. There’s something so special about making other people smile and happy.

I have a news that will interest as many people that genuinely seek such peace and happiness. This one involves children. Feeding 5000 kids this period. Wow. I want to be a part of this.


This is the news and information:


Black Diamonds Support Foundation (BDSF) holds its PROJECT 5000 KIDS – 4th Edition in Lagos State, Nigeria on Thursday 26th December 2019. The event is set to bring together over 5000 kids to celebrate life and the holiday season, provide free medical and school materials, and hold sensitization workshops to empower women and girls.

BDSF’s mission includes provision of requisite guidance needed by every child to maximize their inherent potentials and capabilities in the face of challenges such as poverty, bad health, inadequate shelter and lack of education, thus making the world a better place and restoring hope for present and future generations.

Black Diamonds Support Foundation (BDSF) was established on January 13th 2011, as an NGO that is set to empower indigents; provide medical care for, and feed indigent children living in the slums; provide support for rape victims, abused children and adults (male and female) suffering from domestic violence in abusive relationships.

Adefunke Adewumi, Founder/CEO of BDSF, states that the primary set goal of BDSF is to ensure that every child is deserving of an excellent quality life, including access to and availability of food, clothing, shelter and basic education.

She emphasizes that over 300 children have been successfully placed on scholarships for primary education in over five (5) zones. She also noted that a quarterly intervention is made by BDSF in the lives of hundreds of children by providing medi-care and food to them, and improving upon the current shelters they live in, through BDSF ‘repair and build schemes’ which are geared towards houses in the slums.

BDSF also provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling and preventive education services for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, child physical and sexual abuse. It also embarks on skills acquisition and empowerment programs because of its belief in empowerment and passion for children’s welfare.

Ms. Adewumi stated that BDSF has over 500 volunteers and 12 full-time staff who assist in the facilitation of programs and activities each year. The volunteers offer to serve in a variety of areas such as finance, medicals, empowerment, skills provision, fundraising, human resources, communications, public policy, social media and others. They are dedicated women, men and children who are ready to make a change in the society. They are compassionate, rugged, dedicated and full of zeal.

BDSF also has dedicated departments which cater for various needs of it’s target participants. These Departments are:

a. Walk and Talk Against Rape and Abuse (WATARA) is a branch of Black Diamonds Support Foundation that is tasked with spearheading the fight against rape, sexual & physical child abuse and domestic violence.

WATARA walks to have peaceful march protests in different cities across the country to show its displeasure with the incessant cases of this nature we receive often.

WATARA talks to visit schools, markets, places of worship and other institutions across the country to sensitize people on the ills of this menace and also counsel victims to ease the recovery process.

WATARA press charges when these issues come up and reports get to us. Offenders are arrested and charged to court as we ensure justice is gotten for the victims.

b. Reaching the Slums

These programs are aimed at empowerment of women and children living in the slums; rehabilitation and equipping schools and clinics in the slums; giving back2school needs to the indigent children; and breakfast meeting with people living in slums.

c. Medical Outreach

This Department is involved in medical outreaches such as the Baba Sala Slum in Pako Isolo and also in Makoko in Lagos State Nigeria.

d. Skills Acquisition and Empowerment

e. The Project 5000 Kids This department is poised at rounding off the year by bringing a minimum of 5000 children together every year on 26th December to celebrate them, provide free medicals, back to school items as well as feed them and give gifts.

Join us on our next Project 5000 Kids!


Yes, I am so joining you guys.

Your Joining spotter,

PS: What a way to close the year.

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