Dear Obinna Adiele: Your Art of feminism is cute

Dear News Maker

Dear Obinna Adiele,

Our surnames sound alike. Same sounding pattern, same syllable. But I do not write to compare names. I ink to talk about your art.

I stumbled upon this piece you titled ‘templation’. A sculpture made of steel wires and balls. Of size 25″ x 14″ x 15″. Created by you in 2019.

The art looked awesome. But the message behind the art even impresses me more. You said:

“Gender inequality is one of the oldest issues in most of the societies with sons getting preferential treatment over daughters in underdeveloped and developing countries. Emphasis on women education, employment, giving them due status in the society and creating awareness among the people to treat son and daughter alike would be better options to eliminate frustration, reduce fertility rate and limit family size.

“Recently, family standards of living has dramatically increased with more women in the labour force. Contemplation of whether the girl child will be of any use to the family or not, before and after marriage is gradually becoming a thing of the past”.

And this is what you interpret through some awesome piece of art. I like it. I have always loved art. I remember back in the days I use to paint and draw. As an accountancy student, I remember spending my 1-year Internship Program in an artist shop.

Crazy me. When all my mates were doing their I.Ts in banks and financial institutions. I was at one art gallery located at a junction immediately after the Isolo – Ejigbo bridge perfecting my art skills.

How dare me!

Come to think of it. I really was crazy.

When all my accounting course mates would be reading their textbooks then. You will catch me reading one sweet magazine on celebs and entertainment. I was in school doing stage plays here and there.

I was just a funny accounting student. Many times I traveled out of school to go make movies.

I was crazy. Period.

Maybe I am still crazy.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about your art and the message. Especially the message. Now, in 2019, can we really say there’s still gender inequality in our society? Are boys still considered superior and favoured to get education against the chances of the girls?

And looking back at the dark age. Where the tradition and culture were very rigidly tough. Where girls stayed home to learn how to raise a home and make meals for her future family and boys were preferred to go to school so that they can become knowledgeable and positioned for white-collar jobs. In order to provide for the home.

Looking back were the forefathers really that out of place with their ideas? Or were they just being logical in appreciating our genders and the corresponding duties? Because somehow the modernization still hasn’t been able to fix the issues. We still have several cases of domestic violence nowadays arising from the chaos of modern arrangements.

We see men and women equally educated and married. Man goes to work in the morning and gets back home in the night. Same with the woman. And the man expects the woman to do the kitchen and the kids expect mummy to have mummy duties on them too.

And in most times the woman just can’t cope. It becomes too much stress for her. Whereas some men won’t adjust. In fact in some homes, while the woman does all of such duties as stated earlier on. The man is expected to be in charge of fixing the electricals, the machines, he is expected to do other ‘masculine’ assignments.

But eventually, the woman is more stressed by mixing her 8-5 career with her home duties. Comparing these modern tired and fatigued women to the women of old that sleeps (or gossips) well at home when the husband is away to work. Which one seems balanced?

I am intentionally challenging our thoughts on this matter. I am attempting a rethought provocation. And this is my stand. We can not have equality in gender appreciation. Unless we relearn and refuse the ideology that attached some duties to men and women.

Who cooks?

Even women, more than 90% would still agree that cooking is their duty.

Who baby-sits?

Nature has built the woman’s back in a better shape that’s more comfy for the baby than the man’s.

Gender equality means science and scientists must discover a way to make sure a man can get pregnant for 9 months. And they must invent a means the man can also breastfeed the baby.

So in absolute terms. We can fight for gender inclusion but most times I don’t think gender can be equal.
And this is not me saying the male gender is superior. It depends on the angle at which you observe things. Sometimes, female gender appears stronger and superior. In other areas, the male genders appear superior too.

Your Gender Art spotter,


PS: WARNING, dear feminist read well I couldn’t possibly be against all you are fighting for. So don’t come for me. Read again, and again. And you will see that I am on your side.

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