Fake Bobrisky Surgery

Dear Bobrisky: The truth about your lies…

Dear News Maker

Dear Bobrisky,

Stop telling lies.

You are not doing any surgery.

You are in Dubai to fool us.

Your post about you undergoing surgery in Dubai is a cheap scam.

Do better. Let’s see the video of the surgery. Everything is allowed these days.

Unless you are ashamed of the process or you are telling lies.

I wish you weren’t telling lies though. I wish it was the truth. That finally you would take off your organ and replace it with a vagina.

Then let’s see how that improves your life and joy. Some of us just can’t be fooled. We know the struggle. Yes, this lifestyle brings some money into your life.

But it doesn’t make you any happy.

But it’s your life though. Do with it what you choose to. At the same time quit lying to us. Some of us are gullible. And so long you keep going to the public to paint wrong pictures of things.

Some of us will not stop talking. If you want to be a guy that wears breasts and bum, fine. Be what you want to be in peace and in your privacy.

Coming to the social media to narrate tales of the fake life gives us the duty to expose and analyze the lies.

Nothing personal. But quit being fake. Time is ticking. This material shit doesn’t guarantee and genuine joy. It always ends in tears and a waste of time and destiny.

You can’t live a super life of impact when you live in denial. When you refuse reality how can you embrace the grace and prosperity that comes with destiny fulfillment?

This is no sermon. This is no motivational talk. This is the truth. Truth against your lies. One day, when all is said and done. All is done and dusted. What shall your result be?

What you will have left are fake followers. Fake friends, who by the way are only there for the good times. When all is set and done. You will regret how you lived a fake life.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

You are famous.

You are rich.


Any fool can be famous and rich.

But no idiot ever created solid legacy doing the wrong thing. The best they achieved is being rich and known.

True success is more than being blessed with fame and money. “No be all money be better thing o”.

Some people are in EFCC’s net and they wished they lived a better life. Some are even free but in bondage.

So post all the tasty videos you like. Travel everywhere you can afford. Show us your opulence of wealth. We are not moved. Not even one bit.

You are just a tool.

A tool for fake friends.

A tool for social media.

A tool for those product owners.

Reconsider the madness when it’s still early. Don’t be ‘toolish‘.

Your ‘Toolishness’ spotter,

PS: Let us see. Show us the Vee you traded for your Dee. Otherwise, just keep the fake gist and videos to yourself. All na fake! All na wash!! We only pity people who want to follow your steps because they think you are happy. But no. In your secret place, you wish all this fakeness can stop.

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