Men Abuse: Why do most women attack their men with hot water

Dear News Maker

Dear Women,

I want to ask a serious question. What is it with hot water? Why are most of you so into pouring hot water on men?

It’s a serious matter now. The other day I wrote a letter about how one woman burnt a man’s jabulala. That too was hot water.

We have another case as tweeted here In that tweet, the lady made a post about his older brother.

She tweets, “this hurts me to the core. This is my older brother. He was burnt with boiling water by the mother of his kids because of insecurities. #menabuse #menabuseawarenness #domesticviolence. He gave permission to post this and raise awareness”.


And see the man’s face is cooked.

So I am pleading on behalf of the men. Please stop cooking our body parts. Stop roasting and boiling our bodies. Stop it.

It is not a nice thing to do. We are genuinely scared nowadays. I know it’s not easy. We can be idiots at times. And when you go through our phones you get reasons to deep-fry us like ‘akara‘.

But you can help it by doing everything possible to stay away from our phones. It’s not in our nature to cheat on you. But…


Just take a look at all the temptations we must avoid.
Pretend to be us for a little moment. You will see that we deserve an award. All the slay queens here and there.

All the sexy meaty ‘gbragagas‘.

We get bored easily. And there are ladies just waiting to take us out of our miseries.

I am not saying we should be celebrated. But we don’t deserve to be baked. Lest we become an endangered species.

Before now it was the men that did terrible things to the women. We were asked to speak to them. The whole feminism gospel calmed men down. Now the men have surrendered their weapons but the women have become the bullies.

They have become hot water benders. With swift skills they have mastered the art of using hot water as dangerous weapons.

How did we get here? Women used to be very soft-hearted. And nice, couldn’t hurt flies and were more into creating than destroying.

Today, they are damaging jabulalas and jobololos.

Please we beg. On behalf of all the men out there, I beg you. When you discover we have cheated or are cheating on you. Try avoid the temptations of using water.


You can do it.

I made a film many years ago. It’s titled Special Chemical. I will release it on YouTube one of these days. It’s about how to handle a cheating man. The message was clear. How would you naturally quench a burning house? Will you use fire and explosive chemicals? Or water and special fire quenching chemicals?

In that film a woman showed his cheating husband so much love that even the man’s mistresses just couldn’t understand. At some point, the other women in the life of the man had to advise him to return the woman’s love and loyalty.

Gradually the man stopped cheating and focused on the loyal wife at home. And they live happily ever after. Imagine if the woman had cooked the man’s jobololo. They would have had to manage the fully baked jobololo ever after.

I don’t get it. The jabulala or jobololo is your own. It is for you to enjoy. Why cook it?

Unless he becomes stingy with it though. And even at that, there are many times women say no to sex. And we don’t hear men damaging it.

This selfishness must stop. Some women are just selfish. They want it all to themselves at all cost. Is not demonic that rather than be subjected to sharing you rather destroy it so everyone can stay without it? Haba!

Please repent.

Men will start taking legal actions now. And all these stupid videos I see everywhere these days. Who makes them? The one where you see a woman making a meal for a ‘cheating husband’. Those videos are stupid and seriously damaging.

They should fall under the ‘hate speech’ category. In those stupid videos, you will see a woman spitting and mixing dirts in a man’s food. One took slices of bread to the toilet and the bread was used to mop the toilet seat. Another scene had the woman using the bread to wipe her armpit.

For real???


Who are these people? And what are they selling exactly?

And we know some people are stupid. Some women will copy those shit and do exactly what they saw in those silly videos.

Creators of those videos should be jailed.


Men have suffered.

Your Men Abused spotter,

PS: Dear Future wife. I could possibly be caught cheating. Please for God’s sake. Forgive me. Rather than waste the gas or electricity units boiling water to be poured on me. Just rape me. I will change.

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