Dear C.J Obasi: Now they know the truth

Dear News Maker

Dear C.J Obasi,

When Lion Heart came out I wrote a letter to Genevieve Nnaji. In that letter, I tried as best as I could. In my usual way, to push the message.

To let them know that this so-called Genevieve Nnaji direction was a last-minute twist. The man who was supposed to be the director (The man who made the script — a script that was very difficult to come through until it landed in your hands. The man who was engaged and told he would direct the project ) was stylishly dropped for Genevieve to go ahead as director.

Go to search for Dear Genevieve you will see that letter. But most people just didn’t get it. And they couldn’t because of Genny’s star power. But I told them all the same.

You must have felt really bad. Because Lion Heart was your work. You did all the scripting and ground job for the script. Only for them to tell you they were changing production management. While you took a break, they went on set to film the work.

They came out with the job and threw your name as the third writer. A job you should have been credited for as the main writer.

Just imagine that. A script they didn’t write. But this is Nigeria. They have money. And they did what they like.

Now to think you wrote the script for the International community. If they just continued with the plan from the onset. If they allowed you to direct the script you cooked the way you saw it. If only they were just comfortable with their title as producers and actors.

But no.

We must direct. We must have our name as a scriptwriter. See where it lands us. Now, these are the issues. If we want to change Nollywood. We get to start speaking the truth and treating the matter as it is.

We can’t start licking asses. The godfathers and mothers of the industry will need to give way.

I remember advising Oge Obasi (your wife, producer, and production partner) to go all out and spit the truth out. But she said you all were going easy and eventually you both left it for God.

Well…it’s coming all out naturally.

Now the truth is out. It has always been out though. Like I said I did put it out in the Dear Genevieve letter.

Let’s start doing things right. The other day it was Jude Idada that had a legal tussle against Omoni Oboli. And there are other cases scattered around. These people must start doing things right. So we can take Nollywood to greater heights. So we don’t start crying racism or screaming foul where we haven’t done the right thing.

I have more things to write about. I think people deserve to know what is holding the industry back!

Your Lion Heart spotter,


PS: Mokalik was predominantly in Yoruba Language. But that’s another story for another day.

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