Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Why are you tapping my WhatsApp?

Dear News Maker

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

It’s 2:22 am, deep into the African night, when I began writing this letter. I am sure I will be done before 3:00 am. So I can catch some sleep because I need to wake up early enough to write another letter. Let’s just say another recipient awaits my mail.

I am inspired to ‘mail the world for good’. I shall keep inking. And I do not hope to stop anytime soon. Truth is I will never stop inking. I will bleed the ink for fun, for change, for information, for entertainment, for education, for journalism, for good.

Today, I choose you. Not because you have recently made headline news for political reasons. I write just because I believe it’s time I send you a letter. What do I have to say? First, typical of me, I shall go ahead to criticize your work.

I recently discovered you and your Facebook invention are way smarter than the world. I do not know for sure if this is for total good or not. Total, underlined. Because I know you have been a tremendously great platform. Facebook is connecting the world. Nas Daily made videos for 1000 days and posted all on Facebook. 1 min, every day, he made a video and shared it with the Facebook population.

A population big enough to become a continent. But you do not seek to create a continent. You seek to destroy continental walls. You seek to connect and make the people one. So, Nas’s dream was fulfilled thanks to Facebook.

Ediale also started writing letters, lots of letters. And he shares them here on Facebook first. Like Nas, he is fulfilling his dreams. Pardon me, I like to do that a lot, I like to address my self in the 3rd person format. But yeah, I hope to fulfill my dream of mailing millions of the world for good. The good cause of change and impart. I want to write a letter many would read and be inspired.

Now back to your smartness. How come I start getting lots of video ads on my facebook page about a subject I save or discussed with a contact on my WhatsApp platform? That is not only creepy. It does call for concerns. For worry. So what are the modalities, pros, cons, and dangers in this?

I discussed an online study app with my brother and shockingly on Facebook, it appeared like magic. I thought Whatsapp was secured? So safe and tightly protected WhatsApp said not even ‘WhatsApp’ could tap into our private messages.

So what is happening? Were we told a lie? Should we trust in building a life and family tree on a platform that has the ability to be fraudulent? Common Mark, we need to trust you. You need to be a Saint. Okay, that’s asking for too much. But you’ve got to be clean and transparent.

I like that you have added a journalism and news block on Facebook. You have started in the U.S. I hope you bring it here too, soon enough. Nigerian journalism needs all the help it can get. You were here and I am sure you saw things for yourself.

I commend the partnership with News Corp and other journalism platforms in the U.S. But, hey, bro we are trying to connect the world. Let’s have a balance here. Let it go around. Do the same for Nigerian Journalism.

Is it true that you really influenced the last American General Elections against Madam Hilton? She is still very much pissed. She even demanded that you pay for it. She has asked that you be prosecuted or suffer some form of punishment for this.

Someone even made a documentary about it. Well let me not bore you with so much politics. And troubles. I like your dog. He’s Facebook page is way followed and many stars we know. His name, Beast, must be purely a figurative noun.

I like it. I like the dreadlocks. I started making my research so I can have such kind of dog. I believe it is a Hungarian sheepdog …

It’s not easy running anything this great. So I am sure you are prepared for the heat that’s been coming. You have said a lot of things about the ‘myths’ (as you call it) oscillating over Facebook’s desires to care only about making money and also how everything on Facebook is designed to suck the people’s attention.

You said:

“Last year, you probably remember we made a series of changes that emphasized friends and family and reduced time spent on our services. One change removed 50 million hours of viral video watching a day. We did this knowing it would mean people spend a lot less time on our apps — which is not what you do if you’re just prioritizing engagement over everything else. I take getting these incentives right very seriously and we’re willing to make huge sacrifices in the short term to do what we think is right and will be better over time”.

Well, the data companies have found a way to ensure we don’t spend so much time watching videos. When they started saying Data Is Life, we didn’t know they meant it. We thought it was just figurative expressions!

Well regards to Max. And the rest of the family.

See you soon.

Your Good spotter,
PS: It’s now 3:22 am. I typed directly on the Facebook platform. I don’t think I can edit or read through for typos. I have intermittently nodded my head to stay awake. Do good. Thank you. I think I will need a sequel to this letter. I didn’t write about some other issues.

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