Dear Cubana Chief Priest: Have mercy on Mercy

Dear News Maker

Dear Cubana Chief Priest,

How market?

Pondis reports that you were disappointed by BBNaija Winner, Mercy.

Well shit happens. And I can only imagine how painful this was. More so it had to do with business and loyalty.

I am sure you will move on. I am sure she will find a way to make it up to you. The thing is she wants to quickly grab everything she can now before the industry forgets.

Funny, but true, the industry can forget. Now that she still has the ‘clout’ and her ‘market’ is still selling.

So please don’t be mad at her. I hear you already deleted all her pics from your social media pages. All in anger. And yeah, I understand.

All you wanted was a weekend with her. She also wanted to spend the weekend in Owerri just so she could appear at your ‘The Angels’ restaurant.

However, she could only grant you one night. Blame it on the deals flying to her from all corners of Nigeria. Before she renews her butt pumping she’s got to make more cheddar.

And so she just had to disappoint. So she could keep up with another deal going down in Lagos. She needed to be at the Oriental Hotels to offer her paid presence’ to Mr Taxi’s launch. It was a November 2 things.

And your event was to serve as compensation to all those you worked with. All those in the community that helped her win with their votes. But…

These people don’t think like that.

I mean the stars.

They want to just make money. To them, ‘who fans help?’. And can we really blame them? Did they put a gun to our heads to vote for them?

Too bad. Your show crashed. And you would then look like a liar before the people you invited. All your plans and expected returns all dashed. Shattered!!!

If she was there, you would have made more money. And the greet and meet with Mercy just didn’t happen. But cheer up boss. She can always come another day.

Hopefully, her ASSets will still be intact. Because, Lagos boys…

Your Meet And Meat spotter,

PS: So that’s the idea there. You should have just turned everything to meet and meat. Since meet and greet wasn’t possible. Let them come and buy suya meat, eat and go. After all big brother is a Lagosian.

PS2: Next time just pay for the service with a signed deal.

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