Dear Cobhams Asuquo: I trust you to be an amazing father

Dear News Maker

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Dear Cobhams Asuquo,

You are a great man. God placed you in your body for awesome reasons. And more so, he placed you in the right family.

This is why I was particularly unmoved when your wife, Ojuola Asuquo, talked about how your son suddenly became visual impaired.

I trust you to be an amazing father. And there’s a reason and a story behind everything we experience.

In this interview, you told me you will be a great dad and husband. This is why we love you. You understand the idea of being a total mentor. Knowing many have you as their role model.

You are celebrated today.

Your Insight spotter,

PS: I had this interview a while ago. I had to edit so I can use this story for Opera News Hub.


See the video here:

See the Opera story here: (Video) Cobhams speaks as prophet says Asuquo will see again if …

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