Dear Adegboyega Adenekan: You got 60 for defiling 2-year-old

Dear News Maker

Dear Adegboyega Adenekan,

It’s 60 years jail term for you.


I do not enjoy sad stories. I imagine how this affects your immediate family and relatives.

But it’s also a very sad one for the 2-year-old pupil you defiled.

As a Supervisor in Chrisland, you earned well. Your salary was awesomely decent.

Perhaps you were to comfortable. Perhaps your village people didn’t enjoy thy journey to softness.

Or what else will make a 47-year-old man use his ‘tool’ on an innocent toddler?

2 years.

A girl that’s just 2 years on earth!

In most situation, such baby should still be on her mummy’s back!

Damn, damn, damn!!!

Now why pay so many fees for a school that doesn’t have CCTV everywhere!!!

If there were CCTV in that restroom where she was defiled. The story would be different. You won’t have dared such act, knowing the CCTV was on you.

I don’t have a problem with sexually active adults. You can even be a pervert! Your body your choice!!! But there are areas you don’t cross.

What kind of perversion will take you to babies and under-age? Why not practice your acts on adults!!!

Prostitutes, thanks to the present Government’s administration, are as cheap as N2000. If you have N5000 you could strike a series of perversion deals.

This isn’t nice. The scary tale can be so depressing and psychologically damaging. Because there are still many in the schools going scot-free!

We need to be fully digitalized. There should be security cameras in all schools. And this is what we need to understand, that no matter how insane it may sound.

Men shouldn’t take care of female babies any more. Since the world is turned mad. Until we all get to heaven. The earth is no longer safe.

And yes. We should consider the way we multiply. I know God said we should ‘go ye forth and multiply’.

I think God wasn’t talking about kids only. It’s a scary place to raise kids these days. I am just saying.

The two-year and 11-month-old pupil gave a detailed description of how you defiled her.

Titilayo Shitta-Bey, the state Director of Public Prosecution said you committed the crime in November 2016. I remember how I felt when I heard the news then. I still feel that terrible way today.

The police officer told the court that the child took them upstairs to your office. She identified your seat out of three seats in the room and she identified the restroom in the office where the said incident happened.

The little child said you put your “wee-wee” in her “wee wee” two times. She said that in a video interviewed showed in the court.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Your Sad spotter,


PS: Demonic? Village People? Or just a case of a defective mind?

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